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  1. Thank you very much for your input. I found the following information on that I believe answers my question specifically. The only questionable thing would be the "joint checking account" statement - we don't have a joint account, but we do share expenses (mortgage, etc.). I assume this doesn't really matter. “Income” is defined in the bankruptcy law as all income received by the debtor in the six month reporting period, plus any other money paid on a regular basis toward the household expenses of the debtor or his dependents (11 U.S.C. section 101(10A)). This m
  2. In completing the Chapter 7 Means Test in Pennsylvania, can anyone shed light on the Mortgage Debt Payment (Subpart C of Means Test) if a home is CO-OWNED with a non-spouse? Specifically, myself and the co-owner are planning to file bankruptcy (one at a time). If I file first, can I state that I pay 100% of the mortgage in Subpart C of the Means Test? This would make passing the means test possible. Also, assuming my bankruptcy is granted, can the co-owner THEN file using the same 100% mortgage payment in his Subpart C?