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  1. Sorry for the late update. Phone hearing didn't go very well. I never had the opportunity to speak up and the court date was set. I have since sent a request for arbitration to H&H and to the court. Ready to send my second letter as H&H has not responded.
  2. Thank you Calawyer! I should have put up links to my other posts. You helped me last year when this case was first served. Then it went dormant, until now. I am prepping for my call now, it is in 2.5 hours.
  3. I have never been to court before and not able to attend in person tomorrow so I am attending by phone. PRA, represented by H&H are requesting trial in a few months. I just sent them a letter requesting arbitration. Any suggestions or tips for this hearing by phone? I do not have legal representation and not familiar with court verbiage etc. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you so much!
  4. Today is only Thursday...all day I thought it was Friday. I still have an extra day!
  5. Skippy, I sent you a PM.... But I may be SOL (not a legal abbreviation) but I am not giving up yet. I am following up on my previous documents mailed and they seem to be getting a runaround in the mail and not received by court. My biggest concern is that the court has not received my documents that I will be appearing by phone and this is now just days away (Tuesday). It will also not be noted that I want arbitration. I called and spoke to the judges clerk. She said that he would not be reading my CM statement prior anyway. So now when it is requested from the plaintiffs that they want trial set, how and what do I say to state that I want arbitration? Luckily, I have the next 3.5 days all to myself. I have lots of time to prep. Got my courtcall all set up with my fee waiver too. 3 hours ago, I felt doomed. Not so much now...very much more hopeful. This crap is a rollercoaster!
  6. Skippy, I have completed the letters and have a copy of the argreement. I have some questions though...and want to ensure, I have the letters etc, correct. Please let me know when you are available, hopefully today. Thank you!
  7. WOW! Great information! Thank you all so much. If any of these situations come up, I will be sure to refer to this. I have an alleged debt from Citibank and just received notice from Midland today in the mail. They have obviously received my new address somehow. No action was taken in CA on this one, but I possibly have received letters in the mail from Citi. They held onto this account until recently. I have heard Midland is just as tough as PRA. Game on.
  8. Sorry for a delay in reply. At last post, I couldn't sleep with this over my head so I worked on my CS Statement, had bf sign the service summons and drop it off in the post office that morning. I knew time was a factor to get in the mail and his mom had come to town for long weekend and no time would be available to work on this so I had to get it completed. I did enough research and feel comfortable with my answer. I also found a credit agreement with HSBC with JAMS that I can use. I requested the arbitration using the above assistance. THANK YOU! Now I am working on my Motion for arbitration to send out. Thank you Skippy for the samples. Lots more reading (actually re-reading) of many of the threads here.
  9. Whew!!! Thank you! That helps me on other items as well as the current case. I am filing MTC for arbitration and I was concerned that they might dismiss and refile in CO. I think on government documents, ID card, I stated I moved in May. I will always have CA as an address as well for credit due to a shared Amex with parents. I have jointly lived in several states, one I never even visited. haha.
  10. I have one more question that could determine which direction I go...it is based on SOL. I am confused by the SOL timelines and which I would use. All credit cards I have ever opened were done in the early 2000's while living in Illinois ( 5 year SOL). 2004, I moved to Florida (4 year SOL). 6/2010 was the last date of payments to any cc 8/2010 moved to California (4 year SOL) 4/2014 moved to Colorado (6 year SOL) Which SOL timeline can I follow? I still have an address I can use in CA that will show in my credit report etc but CO is my primary as will my new CO eventually. If I go the arbitration route, PRA can dismiss and possibly refile in CO for another 2 years. The paperwork I have started to complete for my CMS has my CO address. Should I possibly put my parents address in CA? I could but would like to avoid that, however my mother is aware of this case. In my request for JAMS, I would prefer the CO location as it is local, and H&H would have to get representation to CO to appear, adding to their cost and likelyhood to dismiss.
  11. I am confused by the SOL timelines and which I would use. All credit cards I have ever opened were done in the early 2000's while living in Illinois. 2004, I moved to Florida. 6/2010 was the last date of payments to any cc 8/2010 moved to California 4/2014 moved to Colorado Which SOL timeline can I follow? I still have an address I use in CA that will show in my credit report etc but CO is my primary. I would prefer CA as it is only 4 years. Thanks for any guidance.
  12. I have found many years past of HSBC agreement, and trying to verify one I found for 2001. I have read in various locations that Arbitration was in the agreement, including JAMS - added that year. Before I make any final decision, I will contact JAMS and verify. Thank you everyone for your assistance.
  13. I have read those threads in the past (and many others) and plan to again as I move forward. I am finishing my paperwork right now...a set going in either direction. I am going to have my boyfriend review this thread and advise and help me determine the best route, then mail them off. One nice thing about JAMS arbitration, that can be done via the telephone and I would not have to travel for a case.
  14. Thanks Ryan for the reply. Skippy, to answer your question, yes, I had time but didn't. A week after filing my general reply, I was laid off then diagnosed with cancer. My world turned upside down and have been in just a reactive state. This was not on the top of my mind until I got the letter about the CMC. Yes, I should have been more proactive but I wasn't and now am in reactive mode. I would like to fight and win this if I can ...or have it dismissed ideally, which seems to be the case usually with requesting to go to arbitration. Based on HSBC agreement, arbitration was a choice I have, including JAMS. From what I have read, PRA and H&H will back out. If I request JAMS arbitration, then it must be honored by the courts. However, PRA and H&H will not endure the costs of that especially for a $1400 case and dismiss.
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