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  1. Trying to find a good lawyer to defend me against Hanna and Associates/ Midland on the south side of Atlanta. Any suggestions?

    1. KingJames


      Hi Abbey, sorry I'm just responding to your comment.  I haven't been on here in a while.  I hope everything worked out for you.  To answer your question, no I don't.  I defended myself and won so I stir away from attorneys.  In my opinion they're unnecessary.  Hope everything worked out for you!

  2. But that's all a waste of time anyway. Like I told you before, this is a chess match! They don't want to fight because they have nothing to fight with. They don't even bring a butter knife to a gun fight. These JDB have nothing to stand on as long as you don't play into their hands. They give you a rope to hang yourself. The affidavit is a scare tactic. You've shutdown their strongest piece of evidence, the BOS. That's all they have to state a claim but it has nothing because the OC can't give that info. No worries my friend just stay vigilant!
  3. It doesn't effect your case. That employee has NEVER worked for the original creditor therefore has NO PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE. I can go get an affidavit claiming I have personal knowledge if you sold me a debt owed to you. The reality is I don't have personal knowledge because I never personally handle your debt. I wasn't present when the original contract was signed. If I purchase that debt I bought it at my own risk. The personal knowledge they claim is hearsay and they can not testify on it! They'll attach an affidavit since the courts changed the rules making it easier by not requiring som
  4. Hi, sorry for the late response. I've been extremely busy. Looks like you have a situation of inner conscious eating you up. Well, you pretty much answered your question. If you feel you owe it and don't want to be "dishonest" then accept the debt or settle. This response was in regards to the little angel on your left shoulder . Now, I'll thump him off! Here's the deal, that debt you "allegedly" owe was written off by the original creditor. Let me repeat that, that debt is no longer on their books. It's written off in which they filed it as a loss on their taxes. They lost noth
  5. I'm sorry to hear that my friend. Yeah, not going to view the records will allow the those into evidence. I thought i informed you of that in an earlier post. You do have your appeal in a real court which means you have to work now. File your appeal asap so you can begin discovery. That affidavit won't hold in state court once you request it in discovery. But you must have a legitimate argument against the affidavit. You do have one you just need to know how to argue it. Be mindful this won't be as easy as magistrate. You must work! I repeat you must work!
  6. Paste your answer so i can look at it and make sure you used the correct format. When is your answer do?
  7. Make sure you list your affirmative defenses. If you don't use them you lose them. You can't just deny without affirmative defenses and expect to win. You need a defense on why you're denying the debt.
  8. For complaint 3 and 4 you can just simply deny or you can say defendant is without knowledge or information sufficient to form a belief as to the truth of an averment therefore denies. I out right denied their claims in my first suit and used defendant is without knowledge in my second and third suits. It's up to you but just know if you out right deny and the plaintiff pulls a contract with your signature (slim chance) the judge won't be happy. Affirmative Defenses Fails to state claim in which relief can be granted (this is your bread and butter defense) check this website out for mo
  9. I think somebody found their brain! The heavens are shining upon you! You finally crossed back over to the light. It's just that simple. File the answer. It's not complicated. We're not building the Great Wall of China.
  10. I don't have anything to prove to you. Keep making your commission off manipulating the masses. I have no problem uploading my dismissals. What can you show the people besides retainer fees! Go start your own thread already.
  11. It's affirmative defenses. It's what the courts allow you use to support your defense. I know we are off subject do to some HECKLERS but anyway if you list their complaints it will help.
  12. What's your resume telling us? Nothing! You can't tell anyone how to do it if you haven't been through it. Let me reiterate, "you seem tense, go have a glass of wine and catch a romantic comedy..
  13. You're still at it I see. Weren't you reprimanded already? Knock it off already! I can't speak on just knowledge but experience too. Call it luck if you want but 3 out 3 (three different law firms and none where Hana) seems pretty efficient. Might I add my sample answer has helped other defendants win! Enough with your slander tactics I'm here to help people not ridicule them. Vanish with your negativity
  14. It was actually Dekalb and I won 3 cases including a state. True you encounter different situations but the same applies under state law. 3 for 3 is pretty efficient so I'll place my bets with myself. Are you from GA? Have you defended any suites in GA?