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  1. Well racecar you were right, she didn't show up, in fact NO BODY did. Some scum bag attorney who "occasionally" represents them decided to stand up and announce he would represent Portfolio Recovery. He then frantically called them to see what the case was about and had them fax over their response to my motion. We then went into a court room where I was allowed to present my defense to a judge. He told me that it looked like to him I received a default judgement and now was asking for arbitration. I explained to him that that was my defense before I even realized I had a default judgement. But he seemed like he didn't believe me or he didn't care. He asked why the court should allow my motion and I told him because I was not aware of the default judgement. He then asked me if I received the request for summary judgement and I said yes, he then asked me why I didn't show up for the hearing on the 6th. I told him because I was not aware of the hearing. He then said that I am expected to know the rules of the court the same as any other attorney and that is why people hire attorneys. He then denied my motion and left the court room. The scum bag attorney who stuck his nose into something he knew nothing about picked up his stuff and left the court room with a smirk on his face. And so, that is the sad end to my pathetic story. Denied Motion_Redacted.pdf
  2. OK, guys I have a motion filed with the clerk for tomorrow at 9AM to hear my defense. Set aside default judgment_Redacted.pdf
  3. Racecar thank you again so much. I am going to send this right now. What would my exhibit C be?
  4. Well I have some sad news to report. I went to my pre-trial today only to be told there was a judgement against me on Nov. 6 at a hearing that I missed. The clerk said they hadn't filed the judgement yet but that the case was closed and I should try to get in touch with the plaintiff. I told her I had filed an opposition to the summary motion judgement but she said there was nothing she could do because the case was closed. I didn't show up at the hearing that had been scheduled because I never received any notification from the plaintiff or court. So now I'm F*CKED. I would like to thank everyone for their help and support as I went through this crap.
  5. Yes racecar I did, I sent one to the court and one to the plaintiff. Will I get something back from the court giving me a new date or is that something I'm going to have to check up on?
  6. Racecar thank you so much, yes I need more time, I will send off the extension of time first and then get the rest ready.
  7. Thanks racecar, do you know what the dead line for that is? And could you guide me to a template or something I could go by?
  8. Does this look some what like a template I could go by? http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/lawlibrary/Documents/Opposition%20to%20Motion%20for%20Summary%20Judgment.pdf
  9. Should I call them and see about accepting a settlement before court?
  10. What does anyone recommend I do? Wait for the sh-t to hit the fan?
  11. I'm not having any luck finding anything to go by for an opposition to the motion summary judgement. From what I've read you only have 10 days plus an extra 3 if you were served by mail. IF that's true then I've already lost?
  12. So any suggestions on what I should do next? Do I need to answer to the plaintiff in any way or just meet them at court on 11-12-13?
  13. I only see that they sent me a motion for summary judgement, a memorandum in support of motion for summary judgement, and arguments and authority, and a conclusion. I don't see another discovery request though?
  14. Yes I got the papers on Oct. 7th. No I haven't wrote an opposition to the motion summary judgement. I didn't see any other discovery requests from them, yes I answered their original discovery requests that's what their using as evidence I believe? I need help with this. How do I write an opposition of the motion summary judgement. Did they give me another discovery request?