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  1. Bottom feeder. Nice........I wondered how long it would take for the personal attacks to begin. Very typical. I can see from the posts in this thread that very few of you, if any, are even remotely interested in hearing an opposing viewpoint. That is fine, I figured I would offer it anyway. I didn't expect anyone to listen. You can keep believing that debt collectors are the bad guys if that makes you feel any better about your lack of personal responsibility when not paying debts you incurred. There is a reason people get into financial trouble. Poor planning and lack of financial sen
  2. Again, we provide validation in discovery. We don't sue on just an affidavit. Are their outfits that do? Yes, and hopefully they will called to task for it. Aside from it being the right way to handle the situation, it will eliminate a lot of the competition out there.
  3. One person's opinion. I'm sure you have heard of activist judges before. I would like to see what proof he has to back up such a ludicrous statement.
  4. again, anecdotal incidents of getting the wrong person. You seem to actually think this is something other than a tiny percentage of lawsuits. It isn't.
  5. You can believe what you want to believe. You're misinformed about many things reading your posts in this thread. This is just one more. No biggie. I'm not here to change your mind. I came here simply to offer a view form the other side of the aisle. You can take it or leave it as you see fit.
  6. I never called you anything of the sort. Or even insinuated it. And you know well and good if you owe a debt or not. And a simple call to the OC can verify who is handling the debt.
  7. Companies, all of them including whatever company you work for, are in business to make a profit. We don't add any fees or interest to an account that was not agreed to by the consumer when they borrowed the money. In fact we don't add any "fees" at all unless the account goes to litigation. If you have a problem with having to pay taxes on savings from a settlement, that has nothing to do with the ARM industry. Your beef there is with the IRS. I'm questioning sending these documents (especially a C&D) because it hurts the consumer, not helps them. They are WAY more likely to get sued
  8. You have to understand though, I'm not saying they should be caring and compassionate, just professional. They are not customer service and you are not their customer. Their customer is who you owe money to. That's why I said that they are put in a naturally adversarial position every time they pick up the telephone. You don't want to hear from them in the first place. Their job is to protect their client's interests, your job is to protect your own. If both sides act reasonable and in good faith, both can meet their objectives. FWIW, I've been on the other end of this business. When
  9. You must have worked at a shitty place. We do background and drug testing and will not hire a convicted felon. I've seen shops like the ones you mention. They should be shut down permanently. My average employee has 12 years in the business. Over on third of them have college degrees.None of them have criminal convictions for anything worse than a DUI. You can continue to lump all collectors in with the vast minority of thugs you see on Nightline or 20/20, or you can realize that for most people this is a profession. 743 collectors out of 42,437. Less than 2% is not "typical" .It's t
  10. Wow. Simply incorrect. I have been involved in debt buying for years and the information we purchase is NOT wrong. They are based directly off of the charge off statement of that the consumer received as well. In fact there are cross-indemnification clauses in these contracts to protect both parties as well as warranties and measures for recourse.. And if I purchase a debt of your, then legally you DO owe it to me. Just like if your mortgage is sold from one company to another. What you are saying here is simply not true.. At least from my experience with the companies I have worked wi
  11. You would be surprised. Fact is in almost all cases they owe the debt and they know they owe the debt. Last statistics I read, the default judgment rate was about 95% on all lawsuits filed. Of the 5% that actually go to court or file an answer about 80 % of those are settled out or a stipulated judgment occurs with the consumer agreeing to pay the account in lieu of the judgment being entered. If they default the judgment then enters and post-judgment proceedings start. That remaining 20% (of the 5%, so in actuality about 1% of all lawsuits filed) go to trial. Of the literally hundreds
  12. Wow. You seriously could not be more wrong about the collections industry or the people that work in it. Where do you get your 99% figures other than out of thin air? Do you have personal experience working in the industry? Do you have statistics from ARM or the ACA that support any of your assumptions? If this is indicative of the type of information you give people here, then they are getting a ton of misinformation. What you posted is a flat misrepresentation and demostrably false.
  13. I thought it might be a good idea for some people here to get the perspective of someone who is, and has been in, the Collections industry for over 20 years. To give you a little of my background, I started as a collector back in the early 90s. I quickly worked my way into management and have since been an agency owner as well as VP of litigation for one of the largest debt buyers in the country, running a team of over 200 attorneys nationally to litigate on their debt. Currently I run a collection law firm that collects and actively litigates on a daily basis. I will also say that I am