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  1. Yes. It was says added May 2012 and says removed 2012. Popped up today on my monitoring service as a change. It looks like this has happened to many people over the last few months.
  2. I applied for no credit in 2012 or several years before and have had no credit cards or loans until May of 2013. No one would have had permission or reason to pull my credit. Other than a few bill collectors over the last few years there should be nothing there. Nothing at all. If they had permission to pull for anyone it should have shown up when they pulled it. Not two years later. Added and removed on the same date seems fishy to me.
  3. I just had an inquiry added and removed from Credco on my credit report with a date of May 24, 2012. I have no idea what this is about. They were not listed as an inquiry last week when I pulled my report. All I can find on online is they do inquirys when applying for a loan or mortgage and pull all three reports. I didn't apply for either one. May of 2013 I did apply for a car loan and was approved but it shows up as Wells Fargo. A lot of people are complaining about the same thing happening to them and no one seems to know who they are or why they showing up in such an odd way.
  4. It is about to come off anyway. I'm going to do a credit check again today to make sure no one has changed the dates of anything since the last time I pulled. I need to see about putting a freeze or something on it. I think someone may be using my information to try to get loans.
  5. I am saving that and putting it aside for future use. Thank You!!!!! There was something about this on another thread I posted on earlier. You just answered my question. It's too late now but I wish I had known earlier. I've had a dispute on my report for 2 yrs. Doesn't matter now, it's being removed because I sued for harassment and countless violations. They settled quickly and it's very little money but OMG was it nice not to have the phone ring every few minutes.
  6. First Premier never sent it to a collection agency. Credit Karma and the other ones give you an estimate. It's not actually your true score. They use their own model to come up with your credit score. It's not a fico score, that's why they don't use the term. It's a good way to keep up with some stuff but not if you want an accurate number. I get my Transunion score once a month but not the actual report to look at. I need to see the actual reports and make sure stuff is coming off as it's supposed to. Experian has two medical collections that are not supposed to be on there. I wasn't supposed to billed. I have proof of that. But like many other women I was billed due to a signing mistake between the cancer center and hospital. I'm still trying to get it straightened out so I can finish my tests. Another reason I want the true sites is because there is a woman with my name who lives close by and our records have been mixed up before. She has a criminal history, I do not. It's been a mess.
  7. I have capital one cards now that are in good standing. Never had an issue with them at all. I'll try that with AFNI. My transunion score is always about 30 points higher than experian. Equifax doesn't do anything about disputes. Funny how my experian report has tons of stuff on it the others don't. I'm about to sign up for a monitoring service for all three I guess so I can keep a closer eye on it. I've experian and equifax don't so dates on last payment on a few accounts and the drop off date for experian is always 1 to 5 months after the date on the others. I need to fresh reports and see what's going on. I've learned my lesson about filing disputes online. No more doing that. The other two credit cards were from premier bank, one was a secured card. They are both on my cr but the dates are different on two reports. Last payment made in 2007 and 2006. I need to look at that and fix it. A few months ago they sent me a letter saying if I paid they would reinstate my account. lol. Not going to happen.
  8. I know this is over a month old but I'm posting anyway. I've had an item on my credit report being listed as in dispute for two years. I'm in Texas. It's about to come off in the next few weeks, I sued, I won, I signed papers and returned. Just waiting on the check now. I had no idea they could not continue collection activities while in dispute. I sued because of the constant calls and numerous violations. Do you have a source for that info? About the Texas part?
  9. A few questions.... Would 5 years be considered zombie debt? The SOL here is 4. Has anyone ever actually had something removed from the CB after sending the CA a zombie letter? I need to send a validation letter first I think. There is something on my report almost 6yrs old. I'm honestly not sure if I ever owed it. I remember a few years ago I was receiving letters from AFNI over several cell accounts with companies I never used. They are on my report for verizon and I did use them. There was no contract though, I don't do contracts so it's hard to imagine they would let my bill go to $805 without cutting me off. I canceled the service after a few months and switched to a better deal. There are also two old credit card debts due to fall off in the next year. I'd like to get those off too. It's important because I just had two new collection accounts hit my report and my score dropped a lot. With those I'm going to try to do a pay for delete. One is direct tv. I canceled my service when I started having money problems and asked how long I had to pay my bill before it went to collections. They said it would be 60 days and during that time I could reinstate if I wanted. After that the in house collection dept would contact me and I could work it out with them. Not true. A few days later that went into my bank account I always used and took my last $100. I was not on automatic draft but the bank said it happens all the time and you are basically giving them permission to collect a past due balance every time you pay, they told me to cancel my bank card so I did. I called Direct tv and asked them to send me a bill with the final balance because access to log on online was denied. I guess they do that so you can't revoke anything or remove payment methods. I wasn't sure what I still owed and was not about to pay anything over the phone. I never got a letter or a bill and then last month a CA popped up on my credit report saying I owe them $68. I also have an old utility bill from almost 4 years ago pop up. I had the service disconnected and paid my bill. They didn't disconnect me and left it on for over a month so now I owe $276. I do not have any paperwork showing I requested my service turned off. Their records show they turned it off for nonpayment. Crazy because I moved. I'm hoping I can get those deleted for half the amount they say I owe. In the meantime I want to get this old stuff off, I read about zombie debt and have looked at the sample letters but can't find anyone saying it actually worked for them.
  10. I blocked the number. They called three more times while my phone was away from me. I think I get so many scam calls because I'm self employed and my name and number are all over the place. I get calls for fake advertising every day too. I seem to attract crazy calls.
  11. Oh I've had payday scam calls before. Years ago I worked for a company who offered payday loans. That's funny. I'll block the new number too.
  12. I am looking for a better site to do a reverse number search. Usually I use mycallbot but they don't always have much. Last week I received a call from 000-000-0000, some guy left a message about a legal matter and the typical scare tactics about call by end of day. I blocked it and now the same guy is calling from 888-540-3774. He left a message about not being able to reach me over a matter he is handling for a client and I need to contact him right away. I'm not calling. I just got the message today but envelope info says it was sent Wednesday evening. The call is not on my ID. They are calling my cell phone. The only notes I could find on the number online were all from Wednesday through today. The name the man is giving is Benjamin Kline. I just one a lawsuit against another collection agency and it was finalized on Monday. Everything has been signed and received. I'm wondering now if they sold the debt to another junk collector. Assuming this guy is a collector, he might just be another type of scammer.
  13. If any of you remember my previous posts you know I was being harassed by a collection agency. Harassment is every possible way. I hired an attorney and in just a few months they settled. The amount of money isn't large but what a relief it was not to have those calls come in every few minutes! As part of the settlement they will be removing it off my credit report too. That's no big deal because it was falling off next month anyway. From now on I'll use an attorney anytime something like this happens. Currently I'm getting calls from 000-000-0000 with a recorded message about legal action being taken over papers some guy came across and blah blah blah. That's a scam but I had an 888 number come today and from the reports I've read it's the same caller. The recording was so bad I couldn't understand the call back number but the new one is reported as the one other people are getting. I'm sure an attorney would be useless against them. I've had scammers do that before and found out you can't take action if they can't be found. Oh well, I'm happy I sued and won!
  14. Has anyone heard of Matthews Pierce & Lloyd? I had two auto dialed calls on my cell today, both times I could hear someone there after a minute of silence but they did not speak. I ran a search on the number and found a few complaints within the last few months but not much else. They are a company in Dover DE but showing up on caller id as Plano Tx. This morning I had a call from another number for another person on my landline, a recorded personal business matter message with no option to say I wasn't the person. Nothing came up on that number. Not sure why or who is calling. There have been two old debts I've been contacted about by other companies but they pretty much stopped when I pointed out one was over 7 yrs and one was over 10 yrs. I'm wondering if they are looking for my son. Last year Conns was harassing me over his late payments and even sent someone to my house. I wasn't home but they taped a notice on my door for him offering to work out a new arrangement. They also went to the wrong house first, it was a bit embarrassing. It scared the woman when they knocked on her door because it was just two young men asking where he was, they were in a regular car, not a work vehicle. I do not live off the street and it's hard to get to my house. I am not in a neighborhood. Few people would enter my drive, there is a gate and three cattle guards before you get to the house. I live on land, not off the street. It was kind of scary they came. They haven't been back and I filed a complaint with the attorney general and several other agencies. They never called his phone one time but called me non stop and filled my voicemail up daily. I'm wondering if they are starting back up. I'll start logging the calls and let my atty know if it turns out to be anyone harassing me. I'm finally getting some peace since I hired an atty to deal with the other collection stalkers, not in the mood to have someone else do it to me.
  15. They became very upset when I asked them to hold and then put them on speakerphone last time. Kept asking if I was recording it. lol. The woman said I had to tell her. It's perfectly legal for me to do it. I already know and have confirmed.
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