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  1. @admin, I agree with you - I doubt they will accept a pay for delete. So, do you think simply paying the full amount of the balance just to get a "Paid in Full" status is my best bet?
  2. Thank you so much for your help, @admin. Prior to sending them an Intent to Sue Letter, should I send a Debt Validation just in case? It seems World Financial Network Bank is the original creditor here. Their name is on my original Victoria's Secret statements and the Collection letters as well. I'm a little confused by this set up. With that said, is sending a PFD letter still a viable option?
  3. Thanks, @admin. The Settlement Letter states: "I am willing to accept 40% towards your Victoria's Secret credit card account balance in full of $657.53. This means that we will accept $263.01 in order to cease further collection action that will be taken against you. Once you accept and fulfill this offer, I will notify the appropriate national credit reporting agencies that you have settled this account." I contacted them immediately and made the payment over the phone with my debit card. There was no activity from them for two whole months on my CR until 09/2012. Do you think I should tr
  4. I had a Victoria's Secret account that went delinquent and was sent to their Recovery Team for World Financial Network Bank. In 07/2012 I received a letter stating they are willing to accept 40% of my balance in order to cease further collection and will notify CRA that I had settled my account. I accepted this settlement and paid $263. In 09/2012, my CR showed my payment status was "Legally paid in full for less than the full balance" although it was still showing that I owed (I'm assuming the balance after the 40% was applied). It is now 07/2013 and my CR is showing that my account is beyond