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  1. Thank you for your feedback. I agree it may not be a "one size fits all" solution for everyone. Just posting my personal experience and what worked for me.
  2. For what it is worth, I was advised that most hospitals have what are called "Charity Funds". These are funds to help some patients with paying for costs they cannot cover for whatever reason. I was able to have this done and have my debt erased from my credit report. It was already turned over to a CA. I found the hospital, completed a financial affidavit sent it in to the patient financial services division of the hopsital. In two weeks, "medicredit" was erased from my credit report. All DIFFERENT visits totaled around 6,000 dollars.
  3. Hi Admin, Hi 1st Step @admin, This is what I initally thought also. but that verbage on their site is under the "How we verified" section of the site. Basically saying they acknowledge the method of Verification, but wants 30 days to do so....Smh...A real pity if they are not familiar with the Law, or even worse if they are displaying wrong information on their site to consumers.
  4. Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I will try to make it short and clear. I have been disputing accounts with experian and right now I am at the Methhod of Verification stage. I sent letters certified mail and shows they have been delivered. My question is ths: How long do they ACTUALLY have to supply results back to you? is it 15 days or 30 days? The reason I ask is because their website states: "We ask the source to check their records to verify all of the information regarding the item you questioned, and report back to us within 30 days of the date that we received your request