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  1. This sounds odd as its usually the opposite but you are going to need some kind of proof you DIDN'T pay all those years. Also, even if the judge accepts the idea these payments are fake you will have to convince him the SOL is out (which it certainly should be). Nothing is ever easy in these kind of cases.
  2. Walked into court this morning we were the first of 8 cases called up and within 5 seconds it was non suited. They of course have 1 more time to file under VA law. The statue of limiations is now up but I believe they get 6 months from today to refile.
  3. I filed a very general grounds of defense denying the debt. They NEVER did file a Bill of Particulars and only had attached one piece of evidence to their original court summons (just a facsimile of a credit card statement).
  4. So tomorrow I'm supposed to have my hearing on my alleged debt with midland funding who is being rep by Dominion Law Associates. On September 13th (the return date) they were ordered by the judge to file a BOP within 21 days. They never actually filed these BOPs. On Oct 25, I filed a motion for summary judgement which included a general denial which I assume is going to be heard tomorrow before the case. I spoke to a local attorney back in Oct and he felt this was a slam-dunk non suit since he said the judge would absolutely rule against them giving they didn't file the BOPs which violates our state civil procedures. I was expecting a letter for a nonsuit in the mail it never came. My question for you fine people is if you had to take a stab at this are they just hoping I don't appear to get the default. Is this probably a case where they bluff til they get up to the judge then say they want to nonsuit? I'm asking as I've never had a nonsuit before. What have yalls experiences been?
  5. @BV80 @admin Yeah, its a paid judgement. I disputed it as not mine and Trans Union and today Experian came back with it as Deleted. Interested to see if it stays off or if it reappears down the road. Also, in an unrelated matter, I got a letter today from HSBC. They said they saw I disputed an account with them and that itds been sold to PFA in 2010. They said they are reporting correctly as a sold charged off. Does this letter basically mean they likely have no real info on this account other than the fact it was sold? Should I 623 dispute this and see if it falls off?
  6. So last month I disputed all bad items on my credit report as not mine. These results are slowly starting to come in. Today, I got a letter from TransUnion saying the only judgement on my credit report has been removed. It was only about 17 days into the 30 day investigation so it came as a surprise to me today to see that it was removed. Anyhow, I have 2 questions on this. First off what is the likelyhood this will return to my TU credit report in the future. I assume this paid judgement is still on file at the court house. Also, are investigation results typically the same across the board. For instance is it likely EQ and EX will both remove this paid judgement as well or is it more likely they'll both come as verified?
  7. So I disputed some items and TransUnion got these disputes on Oct 27. Today I got a letter from them claiming I sent additional information on 11/7 which gives them 15 extra days for this dispute so the results will now be in by 12/10. I however sent no information in. is this a stall tatic? Should I treat it just like they didn't respond after the 30 days and sent them demand letters or does claiming I sent them new information actually buy them 15 more days?
  8. I always include a copy of my phone bill and a copy of my DLers. I also put my SS number in the letter so they have that to look up my account with. I will say I've forgotten the SS number before and the only of the three to not start a dispute because of it was Equifax. That said I'd save yourself time and money and not take the chance and just include the number.
  9. I'm not exactly an expert on why certain things work better than others but Not Mine is a good starting point for a few reasons. First off, it makes the company reporting on your CR prove they still have record of the debt. A lot of these old accounts will fall off of peoples account because the OCs either no longer have record of it or they don't feel like responding to a request of a closed account they aren't making money on. By just doing not mine on everything you are able to zero in on the remaining accounts and find any errors later that could have a deletion. You are far luckier than most who come here as most peoples starting scores are in the low 500's on here. So for you this is more of a credit cleanup than a rebuild but def keep us updated. We will help anyway we can. Also, I never dispute online or by phone. Not saying people haven't gotten deletions on here doing that because they have but I find it more effective to have the paper trail. When I first started out I'd say disputed 6 online and all 6 came back verified. At that point I decided to go to all registered mail.
  10. The advice around here is typically to dispute all negative trademarks as not mine. Mail in dispute letters to each of the CRAs using Certified Register Mail and see what drops off in 30 to 45 days.
  11. Looks like you are going to have to. From the sounds of it, it would appear it is indeed WITH but I don't want to tell you that and be wrong.
  12. You'd have to ask the court clerk that, we really have no way of knowing since we aren't the judge. Congrats on the dismissal though.
  13. ID, this may not be possible with the trial only being 6 days out but you really need a lawyer on this one. This isn't something I'd try to handle by yourself or you could get royally screwed over.
  14. I'd call the court house, if that 10/22 was indeed an appearance date they may have gotten a default judgement on you. Often times debt collectors will be shady and less than honest when it comes to whether or not a person was actually served.
  15. Its too late to DV. Well you can DV whenever you want but it only matters and they only have to respond in the first 30 days. You can try to settle if you want and if you do settle the legal actions would stop. However, this is the worst time to try and settle since they are assuming they can get you for the full amount. Usually, if you plan to settle at least fight them a little in court. Going to court for something like this isn't all that bad. I understand why you are worried but its not bas bad as it seems.