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  1. Thank you so much, your answers were VERY helpful! We want every thing done correctly and not hurt either one of us. Even though we have been friends for thirty years something like this could really mess up a friendship if not done correct. You want to believe your friends will never hurt you, but sometimes they are the ones that do!
  2. He does not have a mortgage, he owns it outright. The financial trouble it his credit cards. He cannot work and is trying to get disability. He is not asking alot for the property and is not going to charge us interest. He was worried that if he sells to us and the credit card companies go after him they could put a lien on the property then we would be screwed. Is that a possibility?
  3. We are thinking about buying a property on a land contract from a friend who is in financial trouble (in Ohio). Our credit is improving, but not the best. We discussed purchasing the property on land contract now, and in another year we should be able to get a good interest rate to buy it outright. My question is: If we sign a contract for deed and register it, would his creditors (ie credit cards companies) be able to put a lien on the property? Thank you,