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  1. Thank you racecar. But i thought i was denying the allegations. Also what is the timeline after an answer is sent to the court? Also, what do you suggest as a good response? I have a second summon that just arrived. I am leaving the country for 5-6 weeks. Should i expect anything within that time frame?
  2. Is it valid if the guy that delivers the summon leaves the packet in front of the house with no signature?
  3. i filed for a response and this is what i wrote: 1. Answering point #4, #5 and #6 on the complaint for damages page, defendant denies the allegation as an inaccurate, incomplete and/or unreliable statement of the facts, and monies alleged to be due and owing. 2. Defendant is requesting plaintiff to provide the proof of all debt. What are your thoughts on this answer?
  4. Thank you all for the help. I filed the response today and i didn't see the postings here. @racecar and @ kutuzov are you both attorneys? I am in the Miami area and wondering if i could meet with you to discuss this?
  5. Thank you again for taking the time to answer on this beautiful Friday night Kutuzov. what is the benefit of arbitration vs going to court? They only attached the "change in travel insurance policy", statements, but no contract.
  6. Thank you Kutuzov. But i am such a newbie that i am not really understanding what you mean with OC, motion to compel arbitration, rule of FI....etc.... Can you explain? Thanks!
  7. also, is that 20 business days to respond? Or is it just 20 days including weekends?
  8. Hi everyone, I received a summon at my parents house and i didn't sign for it. I don't live at that address for over 3 years already. But my dad signed for it without knowing what was it for. I have the papers now, but with only a few days to respond. How should i elaborate the respond letter to avoid any judgement? The debt is for $6K. Any professional advice is appreciated or if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance!