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  1. Thanks for the feed back I greatly appreciate it...
  2. Medical company filed in court on 7/13/2011 (didn't even know about this, just saw it today) a disposition was filed on 2/7/2012 - dismissed by parties - 1>doesn't this mean the case was dismissed? The charges from the medical company show up on my credit report under an attorney's name - I sent the attorney letter of validation and they sent me a medical billing statement. (this was done prior to my knowledge about the above referenced court filing- sent letter 4 months ago) 2>Being that the company's claim was dismissed shouldn't this information be deleted from my credit report? 3>If so, is the attorney's office/medical provider in any violation? 4>Should I send disposition to CR's to have it removed from report? Thanks a bunch
  3. That's what I thought, they are referring to the account as an installment.
  4. I can't them to raise my limit...denied. fico score moved up 100pts from last year...but I can't get a credit increase....??????? WHY WHY WHY??????
  5. I'm in a whirlwind, I really need someone to look at my credit report. I have several accounts that will reach the 7yr mark in the first two months 2014. If I'm not mistaken the accounts will fall off of my credit report. However from reading various forums, I believe there are several violations on my report. eg: OC charge off with a balance, OC charge off then sold, Collection agency with high balance, reporting open date later than OC (open 2/2005) Creditor (Open 5/2012) and installment. I've gotten mail from a collection agency listing LNVN as original creditor. Some of the collection agency's have the original account number. I recently sent out debt validation letters to everyone that was on my credit report and to those that I've received collection letters from. Am I on the right track with the DV? and are the above scenarios a violation? if so what should my next move be.. Thanks in advance.
  6. OK, Thank you - was hoping I could, my score will drop once the negative debts drop off...
  7. I'm in the same boat, I have charge offs/ sent to collections however the balance is not 0 But my CR says that the debts should fall off 1/2014 & 2/2014 - I would like to purchase a home, how will this affect my interest rate? If at all...
  8. I have two OC's that's not reporting to the bureaus I'm in the process of working on my credit and this is vital to me. I contacted HSBC about this last year they sent me a letter stating that they were reporting to the bureaus....that my account was closed and in good standing - this account is active and I pay on it monthly. Should I send them a verification of validation letter, can I get them to retro the points on my credit report, and is this a violation? The other is Home Depot, I'm an authorized user, not sure of what's going on with this one... Any suggestions on the above?
  9. Pulled Credit report in 2012 LVNV is on there six times Pulled it this year and they're only on there two times. recently received a letter from portfolio with LNVN as the OC I'm past the SOL for my state, according to my credit report the accounts will fall off 1/2014 & 2/2014 Should I even bother sending a validation letter or just let it be and wait it out?
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