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  1. Hi there, A few years ago I was sued by a creditor. I was young and dumb and didn't attend the hearings. I never received anything from the court stating that I had a judgement (that I can remember - this was in 2009). I did receive a letter from the creditor saying they had a "judgement". I had no ability to pay at the time and no assets. Nothing ever came of it. Nobody has tried to collect, garnish wages, etc. I haven't even heard anything from them (or the courts) since that time. Fast forward a few years, I am more financially stable. I would like to find this judgement (if it even exits) and make a payment plan to get it paid back before something involuntary happens (I am getting married in about 8 months and don't want them coming after my spouse's work, our joint bank account, etc). I am unable to find any copy of the judgement anywhere. I did a search in my county (PIMA, AZ) for civil court records with my name on them and found nothing. I can find a court record of the hearing that says default judgement but there is no more information than that. All account balance stuff listed on the docket say 0. 0 owed, 0% interest, etc. I also pulled all three of my credit reports today and there are no judgements listed on any of the three. Am I correct in assuming that I actually have no legal judgement entered against me, and unless the creditor sues again (successfully) I can't have wages garnished, bank accounts frozen, etc? I am approaching my state's 6 year SOL for the credit card debt. Thank you very much! Ashley