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  1. so what would be the downside to making a pfd offer to the ca first?
  2. when you say try paying the OC first, do you mean send them a pfd letter? (of course mentioning the ca's account# and credit report entries)
  3. i have another question about this, i can pay down my credit cards to a zero balance in a month or so, no problem i have my phone/internet bill on autopay from one of my credit cards. i have heard that having an automatic payment set-up is good for credit scores so- ?#1- is it even true that having a bill automatically paid from a credit card helps your scores? and if so- ?#2- if it does help, at the time I would apply for a mortgage, would i be better off leaving this bill on autopay, or cancelling the autopay to ensure that all my cards have a zero balance?
  4. "may" be deleted? why wouldn't i do i pfd to the ca so they'd be obligated to remove it? even if they dont go for it, what's the downfall?
  5. so if the OC accepts payment, is this entry deleted from my reports?
  6. thank you, i will pay those cards down, and pay off that loan before i talk to a lender. and the loan i got from tower does have a kinda high interest rate, something like 28apr like willigtocope said, but i needed the money so i took it. its a relatively short-term, loan (10 months) theres people who (stupidly) repeatitively pay more interest than this for payday loans to borrow the money for a couple-few weeks. but sometimes in a jam, its good to have available. (ie, my situation, rent's due + i'm broke, or something like car's broke, i can either end up paying a few hundred in intrest on a
  7. then what type of payment should i offer? credit card over the phone seems kinda shaky, like they could apply it however, (like through ca on paper) and just mark it as paid. could this happen, or iam i jjust being paranoid?
  8. thankyou thankyou, is it not also important to have at least a few of them paid off completely so they see it as one less payment ill have to make each month?
  9. so what would be the first step? its only $249. if i tell them to validate is it likely that they would? (sucessfully), if so, once they have would they refuse to pfd? i made up a letter, basically a nice professional sounding: i dont know anything about this debt but ill pay you 249 to remove it from cra's not limited to but including tu, exp, and equi. within 10 days and to keep your mout shut about it to everyone but the oc agree in 15 days and ill send certified funds, dont and ill withdraw and request full validation. should i send this letter? would i potentially be risking anything
  10. The bills were made out to apt#3up, with the proper street address, town and zip and they were delivered every month. Maybe i should contact Transunion first and have it removed, since they list the same address for me with apt#C they should be able to see it's an error then maybe i'll get to do like the emoticons above.
  11. im trying to get rid of an old debt on my report with a power utility. if theres a building, divided into three apartments (in the lease, my legal address at the time) where two downstairs units are labeled apt#A and apt#B, and the upstairs unit is labeled apt#C and to provide service to apt#C the power company, for whatever reason (on the bills and everything) insisted it be refered to as apt#3up would that possibly (if it comes down to it) be grounds to have it thrown off of my reports? something like- them--->did you have service at 123 road apt#3up? me----->no. the
  12. hello, im new here because i want to be in a position to obtain a mortgage in a few months. i have one account in collections (for which i have a thread on here asking about pfd) besides that, my credit (for the last 7 years or so) is prettry good. i have four credit cards, only one of which i was ever late on and one loan i took out almost a month ago for about $1200. my credit cards total bal/max is about $1100/$1400. I read different things about what you're supposed to do with credit cards a couple months before you plan to apply for a mortgage. some say pay them all off comple
  13. I have an old (unpaid) electric bill with a power company called Comed. It was handed over to a collection agency called "torres credit" something or another. and now, as of April (when i last got my reports) is listed under "Contract Callers Inc." As stated in the title of this post, I'm a newbie to all this, but it's my understanding that if the debt has been SOLD to a debt collector, you deal with the collection agency, but if it has been REASSIGNED, you can deal with the original creditor. my three reports show this under the name "contract callers inc." original amount and b