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  1. I had a Barclay card that I opened in 2010, in 2015 it was closed because I was beyond late in making any payments with a balance of $2100+. I got sued early in 2017 and eventually settled out of court with Harris & Zide (around March 2017) who represented Barclays, they insisted they could not negotiate the credit reporting piece as I was hoping to minimize the damage to my report. I did not push because I knew if we went to trial/court, I would lose and be on the hook for the total plus whatever other legal fees they could stick me with. We agreed on an amount of about 40% the original total, I got it in writing and then paid. Fast forward to yesterday and I see this: "BARCLAYS BANK DELAWARE A lender reported that you did not pay them on time, and the account is now 30, 60, or 90..." which sucks because now I have a current /recent late payment showing. My question is: can they do that, report a late payment when I in fact paid them the settlement amount a couple of months ago (3 months). I can see them updating the account, which it appears they did but marking it as a late payment???? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!! (please see attached screenshot:
  2. Ok, so is there anythign else I should rewuest before paying them tomake sure they remove it from my credit report?
  3. I got this from a collection agency that has a small bill that I did not pay and I would like to pay it in exchange for removal from my credit report. Is this letter from them good enough for me to send mpayment and be able to get them to remove it? Any info is appreciated.
  4. @admin I called the smaller of the 2 ($40) and they said "it's in collections, sorry"....I was hesitant to call th eother after that exchange.
  5. Hi, I currently have 2 medical collections that I woudl like some advice on: 1) CMRE Financial Services Collection amount: $500 past due as of Jan 2012 2) Tec Co Systems Inc Collection amount: $40 past due as of May 2013 I am not trying to squirrel out of paying these bills, the first one went to colelction while I disputed with my health insurance provider their denial of a claim and the second I was not even aware of. Any advice on what the fastest/most effective method of getting these of my credit reports is? I am not opposed to paying them but I need to make sure they come off my reports. Thanks in advance for any advice.