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  1. Here is what I found. Here is the link: http://mn.gov/lawlib/archive/supct/9611/civpro.htm 5.04 Filing Certificate of Service Upon the filing of any paper with the court, all papers required to be served upon a party shall be filed with the court either before service or within a reasonable time thereafter; but unless filing is ordered by the court on motion or upon its own initiative, depositions, interrogatories, requests to admit, and requests for production and answers and responses thereto shall not be filed. Unless required to be filed for issuance of a subpoena for a deposition, a n
  2. Absolutely! Maybe I am wrong.........That would be great! http://mn.gov/lawlib/archive/supct/1302/ORADM108051-020413.pdf I tried to copy and past it, but it didn't format correctly.
  3. It is is permanent. I just found the order from the MN Supreme court. It says that no action shall be involuntarily dismissed persuant to 5.04 until one year after its affective date....July 13, 2013. So there is my grandfather clause.......I don't think I can use it - bummer
  4. Yeah, me too. I have been looking up case law and been through all the rules and court rules and I can find nothing.
  5. Yes, in MN the commencement of the action is the service of the Summons and Complaint. This is a new ammendement to the rule, as of July 2013. I am guessing that this is a way for them to keep a handle on the junk debt buyers? In the past, they could file years later and then.........who has records? maybe a little protection for us Minnesoootans......
  6. Yes, they sent discovery without a case nuimber and I answered. The court administrator sent me a notice that the case was filed on December 9, 2013.
  7. The served me/commenced the action in November of 2012. 13 months later they filed it with the district court. That's over a year. Am I missing something?
  8. They filed everything, summon, complain, interogs, motion for summary judge, etc.. There was no court file number on any pleadings until after I got a notice from the court admin that they had filed on December 9 2013. I was served on November 2, 2012. This was the first time in over a year they filed with the court and the rule states: Any action that is not filed with the court within one year of commencement against any party is deemed dismissed with prejudice against all parties unless the parties within that year sign a stipulation to extend the filing period. How else could you inter
  9. I am being sued by in Minnesota. I was served Summons and Complaint in October of 2012. I answered and then recieved Interogs/Discovery in August of 2013. I responded to everything in a timely manner. I did not ask for discovery. They filed with the court on December 9th and recently served me with all the pleadings for a Summary Judgment. I have quite a stack of paperwork. In sum, the action was commenced (I was served by process server) on October 9th of 2012 and they filed with the court on December 9th, 2013. I think they missed their deadline. Could it really be this easy? The rule was