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  1. so the statue of linitations is 4years is that correct. , i'm pretty sure it has been aleast 6 years that we have paid on this account.
  2. so should we take the offer and pay it it went from 12895.58 to only paying 2579.14
  3. the other case was a completely different account but still from asset acceptance
  4. the paper they sent was an informal settlement offer, not a summons for court. like the junk mail offers. . the first statement isays we would like to help eliminate your debt with us. your current bal is XXXXX the amount but you can pay 80% discount if you pay by 8/31/13
  5. Event Date Event Type Event 2014-05-30 Status PURGE FILE 2013-05-30 Report CASE DISPOSED 2013-05-30 Status CASE CLOSED 2013-05-30 Report CASE DISMISSED 2013-04-03 Hearing LAW AND MOTION - DEPT22 04/03/2013 08:30 AM 2013-01-17 Report LAW AND MOTION FILED 2012-08-08 Report FEES MEDIATION/SANCTIONS 2012-07-12 Report ANSWER 2012-07-12 Report FEE WAIVER 2012-07-12 Report ORDER PROCESSING 2012-06-06 Status CASE INTAKE 2012-06-04 Report ASSIGNED JUDGE 2012-06-04 Status COMPLAINT FILED 2012-06-04 Report SUMMONS here is the transactions of the case. I don't know what a sol is .
  6. Well I was being sued by asset acceptance last year until this June of this year. I had sent all the papers in that I was supposed to. The court case was June 4 2013, so I was waiting for the date and then I check the court case. And the case was dismissed. I had this happen before and it went away. I even ask the clerk at the court for the previous court case .and she said it was done and over. OK so here is the dilemma. We just got in the mail from asset acceptance a paper a with a settlement offer for the same account for the one that was dismissed in June. I told my husband it probably is a way of trying to pull the wool over our eye so we will fall for it. What do you think? Can they sue again for the same account? Thanks Tococattle2 for the advice in advance