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  1. "Was the person who got you preapproved back in April with the same bank that turned you down? " - Yes. He submitted my paperwork to UW who denied me due to score being lower than 640. The CO account is for $1000, worst case scenario I would pay it off on bank's request (even though I know for a fact it is NOT my account), also the SOL on that account is wayy expired, it is scheduled to fall off my report Jan 2014. So, in a nutshell there is nothing I can do to get this loan?
  2. Greetings to all the wise ones!! I have spent the last 24hrs reading every nook and corner of this forum to find answers to my specific problem to no avail! Please help me out so I can achieve my dream!! I am in process of buying my first home, when I went for my pre-approval the mortgage specialist(MS) ran my credit and picked my median score of 660 to grant me the pre-approval letter. My 3 scores were 654/660/679, That was back in April. Fast fwd 3 months and I finally found a house that fits my budget, the paperwork went to underwriting(UW) and I found out I got denied, because my media