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  1. kool, so i dont want to do any suing i jus want to see if i can get these CRA guys delete the TL and the OC isnt reporting on it should i just dipsute it with CRA or DV midland?
  2. ive just looked at my fico report, where in which a collection held by midland is being reporrted for EQ original lender : midland isnt this illegal midland purchased this from another jdb last year and even has the date of major deliq as last year where as the CO was from 2008....
  3. ok let me write clear 2004-08 NV spring 2008 moved temporaily to MO/IL and came back to NV in summer 08 updated addresses to CCs the time i was in MO/IL but i didnt update back to NV once i came back. started defaulting in MO/IL on some cards and NV in some....dont know which cards where... have been in NV till aug 2013 , lay low just had a debit card never contacted any CA s when NV SOL 4 years or MO 5 years which ever pertains i was in NV.... have some new collections in 2013 in NV so they are still in SOL but they are small amounts i can PFD if wosrt case scenario moved to MO
  4. ok gotcha, i got all my previous addies removed from TU n EQ and 50% addies off of EX already. and some of removed addresses were tied to neg tls. but here are my concerns the is sol determined by NV as i opened the accts there or MO/IL coz the dofd are from there or the CAs think i might be in MO/IL as i never updated addresses with them? also ive few collects from 2013 i wanna dispute with CRA so to do tht now im in MO so updating the MO address will do any kinda harm like revive sol..
  5. hello people, im in a very complicated situation and its so confusing what to do here is my story i opened quite a few CCs back in the day when i was living in NV and in spring of 08 i was living a paying guest at some friends places in Va, MO, IL for few months the time i was in these states i think i updated the CCs my addresses to wherever i was then but that is the time i started defaulting most of my CCs had their dofd from 02/08 to 09/08 and i moved back to NV in fall of 08 all this time i had NV DL but i didnt bother to update the CCs coz i wasnt abl
  6. @Clydesmom so ive a qstion, i moved btn 2-3 states back in the 08 when i few accts of mine went deliquent.... they are all reaching 7 year sol now but i was thinking all these days my CR is not showing any judgements so may be there is no sue case ever on me... but ur state logic got me nervous... how can i find out if there is any on my name in any court????
  7. samsun


    i dont understand how an account in 06/08 in pays as agreed status go on to become one with dofd in -7/08??? let me be clear... i just found an old credit report from 06/08 in my hard drive, where for this supposedly particular amex account my then last payment was in 05/08 and my account status when i pulled that report in july 4 08 was pays as agrreed now ive a this years credit report which says for this account now under collection, the dofd was 07/08.... im like isnt dofd-dolp = 180 days??
  8. samsun


    Posted Today, 01:18 PM ok im officially pissed off on myself for not noticing this for all these months... ive an amex tl under coll with no OC from a jdb with dofd in 06/08 ive had an amex back in the day so i thot all these days its mine but i just mined an old credit report from 07/08 and i find my amex account number is not the same as these jdb reporting to all 3cras and the credit limit i had back then was 500 but the original balance/credit limit these guys reporting is 1039 and my balance back in 07/08 is 630 and account status was pays as agreed... somehthing illegal here???
  9. ok called exp and did a cumulative dispute on some old addresses and the 3 accs due to drop in 2014..... exp got back in 2 hrs....deleted ..... but how to make them agree to remove addresses that have tls connected? but wats interesting is the ones that got deleted have a diff expiration dates on TU dec 14.... ??? thanks
  10. samsun


    Guys, i have an acc in coll in my CR currently operated by our friends at midland here is my deal with them first the OC is no longer reporting the tl on my cr second until last year this acc was operated under another company name couple months after midland took over this account - date of major deliquency is changed to that month dofd is 6 years ago this CC is past it SOL and is in its 6th year with due to fall off sometime april 2015 any insight and help is appreciated here thanks
  11. thanks for the advice, quick observation i had. i have an acc A in coll till late fall last year under an agency A and another account B under coll agency B. but i see now they have swapped and its now acc A under agency B and account B under agency A.... anything to note here? thanks
  12. thanks for advice, should i dispute online or write a letter?
  13. hello guys, i have been on this forum for a while, and decided im gonna start working on my mess. here is my story... icve purchased 3 individual cr from the big 3; and based on it here is my list and their respective details amex status-charge off , Date of First Delinquency: 12/2007 date falling off according to exp jun 2014 asset for another amex status collection Date of First Delinquency: 06/2008 date falling off according to exp mar 2015 cap1 charged off Date of First Delinquency: 04/2008 date falling off according to exp feb 2015 LVN
  14. Hi, would appreciate if some1 help me understand this i lived in a state A opened CCs there... then i started defaulting 6 years back in same state but i moved for 2 month to state b dofd recorded for one card there, moved to c dofd for another card there and moved back to A another 2 months later and lived there till 2 months i ago i moved back to state b. now the sols for states A,B,C are 4,5,5 i was thinkin i crossed sol all these days but now im confused since i saw dofd date match address first reported dates in CRs ..something for me worry here...thanks
  15. @ admin none disputed yet... quick qstion im confused does sol apply to where cc was taken or where dofd occured? i moved a lot in that time to diff states so....