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  1. @BV80 thanks for clarifying. I was never current again after August 2006 so it makes sense that they are gone. @admin Both Portfolio and Capital One reported the last payment date of December 2007. So that would have reset the SOL. Even though an item is off of my credit report, it could still be collectible, correct?
  2. I opened a Capital One credit card in March 2005. I first became delinquent August 2006 and even though I paid some months here and there after that, I was never able to get out of the late 30 days or more status until they charged it off in January 2008. When I was young(er) and stupid(er) in 2007 I kept getting called at work and threatened to be sued by Global International for my outstanding balance of about $4800. So in December 2007, I sent them a payment of $1500 and they were supposed to set up payment arrangements. Instead, they disappeared. They wouldn't respond to calls and nothing