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  1. is this the same place you posted about in regards to your BK tradeline?it looks familiar.
  2. well kramer and assoc is in hackensack NJ,and paydayone sells their i leave it up to you,but i wouldn't pay them without at least a collection did get one right?btw paydayone is now called RISE CREDIT has been since MARCH this year so i don't think kramer and assoc can produce the original contract either.any idea how much you borrowed,and how much was debited until you blocked their ACH?
  3. in line 4 you state thanks.why would i need a police report?it's been about three years since it was closed. since what was closed?tread carefully as again sounds like you know more about this than you are letting on.if i'm wrong sorry,but filling that out opens up alot of trouble if it wasn't ID THEFT.
  4. i agree with CG IN TX,sounds like LVNV won't delete unless it's ID THEFT,and by reading the OP'S posts it's not fill that out.
  5. you know what.that is a great point.send the C&D.
  6. midland?as torden stated do not ask them tell them.knowing midland they have no clue and are proceeding like they do with any other debt.DV them asap.
  7. who is the lender?alot of online lenders are either offshore,tribal,or based in one state meaning chances are they are not licensed and kramer and associates is a complete bottomfeeder,but i need to know who the lender is before proceeding.
  8. what would think once you mentioned your credentials that would have them stopped dead in their you stated.just goes to show how dellusional these scammers are.did the humanoid exhibit any differnces like voice wavering when you mentioned your IT experience?
  9. mentioned how you DV'D other CA'S and they left you is this one different?did you get anything in writing?as gorilla and BTO429 advised send the DV as you did with the others.
  10. where did you check if not the court?usually on the court clerk website her name as the defendent should produce any dockets,or case numbers.i would look there if you haven't already.
  11. i like the firm,and the devils advocate with keanu reeves and cousin vinny is great too.whats a yute?
  12. true blood,and magic city.though both just ended their seasons they will be rerun for the next couple of/few weeks.also veep is awesome as well as parks and recreation.
  13. LVNV is part of that bottomfeeding collection sea monster as well.btw sufhn if they haven't started they will call,and as with any bottomfeeder it won't be long as you are willing to put up with that,but it's your call.i would start accumulating proof for a lawsuit as this is a complete bottomfeedng group that loves to play dirty.