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  1. Thanks @Anon Amos. According to the letter I received, I have 10 days to object before they submit the Subpoena.
  2. Question.... The Judge ruled in favor of the Plaintiff due to "limited Scope" since they were only asking for records around the last payment. I received a copy of the Bank Subpoena today. They are requesting All Documents from December 2010 to April 2011 (applications, statements, cancelled checks, correspondence, payments and notices). How do I Object to this foolishness?
  3. Like we figured, the Judge ruled for the Plaintiff but only for the month of payment. I have 30 days to provide the information.
  4. I don't understand how he can object to my request for the Forward Flow or Sales Agreement. But, request a hearing to force me to give him my banking information.
  5. Thank you @Spikey, @BV80, and @Anon Amos. I really appreciate your input. I don't know where I would be without the awesome people on this Board. The hearing is only about my bank records around the time of the last payment. I am going to object, because they have not proven standing. The worst that can happen is the judge allow it. And if I don't object, he will allow it anyway. We are still in Discovery. The judge granted them 30 more days last Wednesday to complete all the requested discovery.
  6. @LawKitty or anyone else When I go to the hearing regarding the Interrogs, can I object to the Bank Information if the JDB has not provided any statements with payments? They are trying to prove the last know payment.
  7. I know. There are not any payments or purchases on the statement.
  8. @Spikey.. The judge actually requested this hearing at the Motion to Strike Affirmative Defenses Hearing. He told me that I should start requesting discovery from the Plaintiff. I advised him that I had but they had only responded to the Admissions and not the Request for Documents (only requested more time and it had been 98 days). Also, I found out the reason for the other hearing. It is about the objection to providing them my banking information. Can't I object to that? Here is the specific item. Please provide the name and address of any and all banking/financial institutions wi
  9. @Spikey... I asked for it in the RFD and Interrogs. They did object to it.