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  1. Thanks, I will check for FL. It was filed in Nov 2012 and dismissed in March 2013, so it is over a year ago. If that is the case, then I could just ignore any further collections efforts instead of sending out disputes each time? Sure would like to send them straight to the shredder!
  2. I'm BAAACCKK! Just a little background - Using this forum, I went to FL court Pro Se to fight collection on cc not in my name. The CA could not provide anything that tied me to the account and entered voluntary dismissal in March 2013 before I could file for dismissal with prejudice. I objected to the judge, saying they would just sell the account to another CA and file again. The judge told me it was unlikely since they have to pay to file. Whatever!!!!!!!!! August, 2013 I received a collection letter from a new CA. I sent a letter of dispute. They wrote me after receiving my certified mail dispute letter 9/5/13 to tell me they were discontinuing collection efforts and returning the account to the JDB. On 4/29/14 I received a collection letter from a third CA on behalf of Crown Asset Management. I am sending this new player and the JDB the same letter disputing the debt again and informing them I will report violations. Hopefully, they will just drop it. The SOL on it should be up this July, but it is muddy since they are claiming a payment was made long after the cc was delinquent. Since it is not my account the SOL should have been up before this started for me. The dismissal was considered adjudicated with merit which means if they sue me again it is their last chance (don't know if that applies if they actually sell it to another JDB.) But they evidently can just keep passing it off to other collection agencies to pursue (unless there have been any new developments on that front). I would like to clarify though - Do the FDCPA rules apply to the JDB, only the CA, or both??? I am thinking at this point I will just send the letter again and see what happens. I hate to call an attorney and make it more complicated than I should and I am not as panicked as I was the first time through but I am sick of dealing with it. Any thoughts?
  3. I have sent refusal to pay certified letters to both JDB and CA. I did reference that it was dismissed in court in February 2013. Now I will just wait and see if they commit any violations that I can collect on, or if they take me to court I will be ready with counter claims I guess. If it gets sold again or handed to another CA, I have a list of consumer contingency based attorneys I can call on to do the work for me, unless I feel energized enough to party with them myself. Thanks much for all of the input. I will update my thread if things progress.
  4. @WhoCares1000 OK, thanks. Guess I was just hoping there was an easier way to stop this once and for all. I should get a KISS tattoo! I will proceed with the refusal to pay. Thanks for taking the time to reiterate.
  5. Except that they have another CA trying to get me to pay it again. If it is "settled" by court order, is that legal to do. I am writing to both the JDB and CA to tell them the debt is not mine and that I am not paying. Maybe I should be taking a different approach if it was "settled" already??? I'm confused I guess.
  6. I will definitely look into your suggestions - it sounds like fun! BTW - I was just reading over the Court Order of Voluntary Dismissal from the last time. It says " The court, having been advised by CAM1 LLC..., the Plaintiff(s) in the above styled cause that the claim has been settled, thereupon: (words ordering case be voluntarily dismissed). I had not read it before, or at least not noted the wording. Is this usual wording. To me it says CAM1 agreed with me to settle somehow. What do ya'll make of it???
  7. It was on the same collection letter from Central Credit Services, Inc. out of Jacksonville, FL who id's Crown Asset Management, LLC as the "Current Creditor". The address is above a barcode in the upper left corner of the letter and is: P.O. Box 1259, Dept. #102071, Oaks, PA 19456. I just googled it again and it comes up with numerous names attached, including: Enhanced Recovery Co, Associated Recovery Systems, First Consumers National Bank, First Revenue Assurance, Midland Credit Management, and I'm sure there are many others, all with same PO Box, but different department numbers and some are from years ago. One more layer in the biggest racket in the US!
  8. The latest posts bring up a question for me. Should I mail BOTH a DV and Refusal to Pay letter, or just the Refusal to pay? In addition, while I was preparing a DV letter I noticed a second return address with no company identification from another state on their collection letter. I googled it and it is the address for Portfolio Recovery in PA which I recognize from posts in these forums. So that is another new player. Do I send something to all of them? JBD: Crown Assest Management, LLC - Georgia CA: Central Credit Services, Inc.- Jacksonville, FL ?: Portfolio Recovery, Oaks, PA 19456 Just FYI, the CA who filed and dismissed suit was Andreu, Palma & Andreu out of Miami, FL Prior to them there were collection attempts by the OC and then 3 other CAs. I had an attorney write the OC for DV and Cease and Desist and thereafter ignored all other CAs until I received the summons. So am I going to be writing these dang things til I die? Do I dare just ignore them unless they go to court?
  9. racecar - I will save this suggestion in case of ID theft. For this situation, I know it is a relative's card that was charged off in bankruptcy. I never co-signed or guaranteed it, but we had a joint account together at one time and somehow it tracked to me. The copy of a statement they were going to supply at the last hearing didn't even have my name on it, or anything else connecting me to it. That is why I wanted a chance to fight it and have it over with, but they beat me to the punch. It was a joke - just not funny.
  10. Thank you one and all. I was dreading it all starting up again so was procrastinating which I know is a dreadful mistake in these cases! I feel better already and can hop right on it now. What great and speedy support! I'm sure I will be back, but for now I am all set thanks to you.
  11. racecar- you rock! You helped me prepare my case against CAM1 in Florida earlier this year. t was the same CA attorneys too and they were a joke! The attorney who showed up for the second appearance did not even know the circumstances of the case and asked me what the deal was! I was prepared to motion for dismissal with prejudice, but the attorney had called in to the Miami office CA and he was told to dismiss the case voluntarily. I objected and told the judge they would just file again and he informed me that since they would have to pay another $300 to file, it was unlikely! Whatever... Now a CA from Jacksonville has the honors and has sent me a collection letter. Please see my post today requesting help. NdHelpinFL - if I can offer any info on Jorge L. Palma let me know. They didn't have any paperwork attached to my summons and never did supply any in court although a judge told them to. Two different attorneys showed up and they didn't know there way out of a paper bag as far as the case went. I don't think they expected a fight at all. Just wish I could have put it to rest once and for all!
  12. Using this forum, I went to FL court Pro Se to fight collection on cc not in my name. The CA could not provide anything that tied me to the account and entered voluntary dismissal in March 2013 before I could file for dismissal with prejudice. I objected to the judge saying they would just sell the account to another CA and file again. The judge told me it was unlikely since they have to pay to file. Whatever!!!!!!!!! I just got a collection letter from a new Fl CA representing the same JDB - Crown Asset Management, LLC out of GA. (This is about the 5th CA with the account now.) How should I respond to the letter? I have until Sept. 7 to dispute. Do I really have to go through everything AGAIN?? They called me before sending the letter and I told them I had been to court and it had been dismissed and to leave me alone. They had nothing to indicated that in the file (of course!) There is an attorney who advertises taking these cases on a contingency basis - maybe I should just try her. Could I write a letter to the original judge to point out what happens. Maybe I could sue the JDB - the energy and stress it took me the first time was too much. I am no spring chicken, Any help you can provide will be much appreciate.
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