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  1. thanks .. I hope some one out there reads this and gets it , to hire a lawyer from the start...I listened to some people on here and thought I could do it , as I was duped by one of those online boiler plate file it yourself companies....it does not work....
  2. I had a lawyer last year and this year , and your comment is what chased me away from here . My case is full of holes the trustee is lying and filed yesterday with the bk courts that she has made a deal with my bank for short sale , it seems according to the bank lawyers no such agreement was made . Also the property is half owned by my ex partner which the trustee has not filed a partition . So please I do not need spanking for the past , I am moving forward ....
  3. here is the update over a year later , this trustee put my property up for sale a year ago ,my bankruptcy was discharged last year. then she pulled it off ,.this year she filed with court to hire a lawyer at 450.00 per hour and filed to relist my property, which she did in May , listing was supposed to expire in dec, the realtor told me it would just die. Yes i hired a lawyer it did not help. Yesterday I get word some one from California made an offer unseen. I have no idea how much, they say its supposed to close in Oct. My business has been there for 15 years if I move it will be killed.I ha
  4. My building is all I have the lender has agreed to keep my mortgage , I am up to date with payments . and my building is co owned by my ex ....If I lose my building I will not be able to make a living .
  5. Back in may 2014 every one said get a lawyer after I had filed pro se , took a while found one she sounded like she knew her stuff when I interviewed her over the phone . We figured out I should file amended financials to stop the trustee from trying to sell my busness bulding . I got 2 more CMA's from reputable realtors which came in at 71,000 to 75,000 .I owed 79,000 at the time of my filing in Dec 2012 . Trustee did not respond to my amendments. Now 3 monthes later she has filed a request for her to hire a lawyer at 450.00 per hour to " assist in the estates administration ." for discreet m
  6. I spoke with an attorney this morning he only reps the banks , said it sounded like I did every thing right , he said it seems the trustee does not understand there is no value in my building ....he has offered to guide me if I need more help ...so I just have to get a hold of the trustee, who is not available until next week.... Thanks for the help
  7. Great every lawyer I call is not interested in a BK in progress ...just shoot me now ! any suggestions ?
  8. I was truthfull with the trustee even when I met with her , it was like a cattle call . I just spoke with the bank and they are surprised , there is no fraud here . Just trying do the right thing the wrong way. I am looking for a lawyer...
  9. Thanks guys I figured out what I did wrong I did not file with the courts the reaffirmations docs ...My building in todays market is only worth 90,000 I owe 80,000 after realtor fees there would be nothing left it makes no sense. My home is in forclosure thats a lost cause I actually put in the paper work that my building will be my residence . Property values are terrible here in Oregon . The bank has allready reaffirmed my loan on which I have a partner on the building ..so on the loan and building I have someone else its a tangled web. Also the courts have disscharged my unsecured debts in
  10. Its a shock to me I had not heard a thing ...and they do this ...it makes no sense , I have put a call into the trustee .I used the homestead exemption on my building the cma and taxes came in at 89,000. so I do not understand what they are thinking ,with what I owe . Also the mortgage is in my name and my ex partners name I have reaffirmed it. I used the federal exemptions opposed to state . does that make a difference?
  11. I filed myself ...I am it , can not afford attorney that's why I filed myself
  12. the only thing I have is my business building according to the tax dept it is worth 89,000 that's what I owe ....I conduct business there .My income works out to about 800 per month , my taxes reflect that for the last 4 years . I filed chapter 7 in Dec and was notified the unsecured debts were cleared as of March. My only assets are my car and business building, car I own value about 10,000 building worth from 80,000. to maybe 110,000. Wells Fargo sent me reaffirm agreement last week .I have never missed a payment. Today a realtor walks in the door with an order from the court saying the trus
  13. Clydesmom & King James take it out side ....you both have been instrumental in helping people in the past , when I first got on this forum I knew nothing and you hurt my feelings by letting me know , I did not understand the law! My feelings were hurt, this is not the place for feelings or emotions or personalities. I got more help and guidance here than anywhere else , I managed to get all the way to trial de novo and they backed down . I could not afford a lawyer so I did it alone with you all...These forums are a wealth of information and courage, Sometimes I could see no way out the
  14. Yep Oregon Sucks , no due process here ...I did the same thing , The court ignores anything you file about JAMS and send you to arbitration . you have no choice. So don't get too worked up pick an arbitrator , start sending requests for admissions, and production , and anything you can think of which is just to drive the Debt collector crazy , who does not give a crap about you . You are just a number to them. pay the arbitrator the rediculous fee of 375 or less if you are lucky , put your case together send to arbitrator , Then you get to show up in person and the debt collector gets to app
  15. Citi Bank ( S& Hammer ) in Oregon , we kicked their butts thank you Huey Pilot and every one in these forums I could not have done it with out you . Here in Oregon its court ordered arbitration and I had to deal with the kangaroo court arbitration it was humiliating. Of course Citi was awarded the amount of 14000. so I filed a trial de novo , it took over 2 monthes to get a trial date for 2014 , then last week I get a notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice ...they had it dated for Dec 6th . I just recieved my refund from the courts for my Trial De Novo .....IT CAN BE DONE!!!!! Hap