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  1. thanks .. I hope some one out there reads this and gets it , to hire a lawyer from the start...I listened to some people on here and thought I could do it , as I was duped by one of those online boiler plate file it yourself companies....it does not work....
  2. I had a lawyer last year and this year , and your comment is what chased me away from here . My case is full of holes the trustee is lying and filed yesterday with the bk courts that she has made a deal with my bank for short sale , it seems according to the bank lawyers no such agreement was made . Also the property is half owned by my ex partner which the trustee has not filed a partition . So please I do not need spanking for the past , I am moving forward ....
  3. here is the update over a year later , this trustee put my property up for sale a year ago ,my bankruptcy was discharged last year. then she pulled it off ,.this year she filed with court to hire a lawyer at 450.00 per hour and filed to relist my property, which she did in May , listing was supposed to expire in dec, the realtor told me it would just die. Yes i hired a lawyer it did not help. Yesterday I get word some one from California made an offer unseen. I have no idea how much, they say its supposed to close in Oct. My business has been there for 15 years if I move it will be killed.I have no pension this is it .I have paid my mortgage down by 11000.since filing in 2013 So will she take that too ? The trustee listed my building at 149,000. Bank valued it at 100,000 cma I had done when I filed were between 70,000 and 98,000. I owed 81,000 in 2013 . Isn't the bk picture supposed to be at the time of original filing? Please do not beat me for screwing up I need guidance ..thankyou
  4. My building is all I have the lender has agreed to keep my mortgage , I am up to date with payments . and my building is co owned by my ex ....If I lose my building I will not be able to make a living .
  5. Back in may 2014 every one said get a lawyer after I had filed pro se , took a while found one she sounded like she knew her stuff when I interviewed her over the phone . We figured out I should file amended financials to stop the trustee from trying to sell my busness bulding . I got 2 more CMA's from reputable realtors which came in at 71,000 to 75,000 .I owed 79,000 at the time of my filing in Dec 2012 . Trustee did not respond to my amendments. Now 3 monthes later she has filed a request for her to hire a lawyer at 450.00 per hour to " assist in the estates administration ." for discreet matters " She claims the estimated low cost for this lawyer is 4500 . It says " as of this date of this application lawyer has performed a comprehensive conflicts check with respect to debtor, which revealed no conflicts . Lawyer will search and addition potential conflicts as and when they arise . Lawyer has not performed a full conflicts search of the credito matrix given its limited role as specaial counsel" this is the verbage from the filing can some one explain ....it makes no sense to me .... I'd like to know who the heck pays for this . She has a delusion that I have tons of money ....I am a struggling artist I run a bead store and make 800 per month .... I am being bled ...my attorney charged me 950. to file amendments now this when does this end ? please I need help not a beating ...
  6. I spoke with an attorney this morning he only reps the banks , said it sounded like I did every thing right , he said it seems the trustee does not understand there is no value in my building ....he has offered to guide me if I need more help ...so I just have to get a hold of the trustee, who is not available until next week.... Thanks for the help
  7. Great every lawyer I call is not interested in a BK in progress ...just shoot me now ! any suggestions ?
  8. I was truthfull with the trustee even when I met with her , it was like a cattle call . I just spoke with the bank and they are surprised , there is no fraud here . Just trying do the right thing the wrong way. I am looking for a lawyer...
  9. Thanks guys I figured out what I did wrong I did not file with the courts the reaffirmations docs ...My building in todays market is only worth 90,000 I owe 80,000 after realtor fees there would be nothing left it makes no sense. My home is in forclosure thats a lost cause I actually put in the paper work that my building will be my residence . Property values are terrible here in Oregon . The bank has allready reaffirmed my loan on which I have a partner on the building ..so on the loan and building I have someone else its a tangled web. Also the courts have disscharged my unsecured debts in the first week of march. Thats all I had for debt I owe 2 years taxes but thats do able ...nothing else . This is where I make a living such as it is ...I have just been delt a few bad hands for 5 years and am climbing out of the hole . My biz is picking up I have been at this location for 14 years to lose it would be devastating. I have calls out to the trustee and a lawyer friend ....they listed it at 189000 which makes no sense, the realtor even said they were nuts , go figure . S.
  10. Its a shock to me I had not heard a thing ...and they do this ...it makes no sense , I have put a call into the trustee .I used the homestead exemption on my building the cma and taxes came in at 89,000. so I do not understand what they are thinking ,with what I owe . Also the mortgage is in my name and my ex partners name I have reaffirmed it. I used the federal exemptions opposed to state . does that make a difference?
  11. I filed myself ...I am it , can not afford attorney that's why I filed myself
  12. the only thing I have is my business building according to the tax dept it is worth 89,000 that's what I owe ....I conduct business there .My income works out to about 800 per month , my taxes reflect that for the last 4 years . I filed chapter 7 in Dec and was notified the unsecured debts were cleared as of March. My only assets are my car and business building, car I own value about 10,000 building worth from 80,000. to maybe 110,000. Wells Fargo sent me reaffirm agreement last week .I have never missed a payment. Today a realtor walks in the door with an order from the court saying the trustee owns my building and is listing it for 189,000. it is not worth that . What do I do ..my building has my business in it .I liated my building under the homestead in the BK, I used federal exemptions in the BK what have I done wrong ? help... going out of my mind ...S
  13. Clydesmom & King James take it out side ....you both have been instrumental in helping people in the past , when I first got on this forum I knew nothing and you hurt my feelings by letting me know , I did not understand the law! My feelings were hurt, this is not the place for feelings or emotions or personalities. I got more help and guidance here than anywhere else , I managed to get all the way to trial de novo and they backed down . I could not afford a lawyer so I did it alone with you all...These forums are a wealth of information and courage, Sometimes I could see no way out the stress of 4 lawsuits was overwhelming ....I look at it like a big chess game .. they move then we move ...we win ! Thank you ... Susan
  14. Yep Oregon Sucks , no due process here ...I did the same thing , The court ignores anything you file about JAMS and send you to arbitration . you have no choice. So don't get too worked up pick an arbitrator , start sending requests for admissions, and production , and anything you can think of which is just to drive the Debt collector crazy , who does not give a crap about you . You are just a number to them. pay the arbitrator the rediculous fee of 375 or less if you are lucky , put your case together send to arbitrator , Then you get to show up in person and the debt collector gets to appear by phone ...Its all a farce to get money from you ...After getting your butt handed to you , file Trial De Novo cost 150.00 and a few monthes later they will back down and send you a request for dissmissal ...once you get that it is all a chess game it will sit better ... I had 4 of them coming at me 2 dissmissed then I filed bankrupcy becuse I was tired .... Look up any info from Huey Pilot go kick some butt !
  15. Citi Bank ( S& Hammer ) in Oregon , we kicked their butts thank you Huey Pilot and every one in these forums I could not have done it with out you . Here in Oregon its court ordered arbitration and I had to deal with the kangaroo court arbitration it was humiliating. Of course Citi was awarded the amount of 14000. so I filed a trial de novo , it took over 2 monthes to get a trial date for 2014 , then last week I get a notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice ...they had it dated for Dec 6th . I just recieved my refund from the courts for my Trial De Novo .....IT CAN BE DONE!!!!! Happy New Year every one Susan
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