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  1. Although I'm nowhere near being an expert, I would have to agree with Goody on this...IIRC, a credit report is hearsay unless it is authenticated by the credit reporting agency (either by affidavit or testimony); good luck to them on getting either of those things from a CRA. As far as the letter goes, if they attempt to rely on the "Consumer failed to dispute the debt within the 30 days ...blah, blah, blah" based on a dunning letter from the collector, there is case law that clearly states that failure to dispute does not constitute admission of the validity of the debt.
  2. If you really want a lawsuit, call the CA and tell them (with tremors in your voice) that their letter has terrified you, and you don't want to be sued. IIRC, New jersey is a 1 party state for call recording, so record this call. Then ask them what will happen to you if you don't pay (sniffles and sobs will work well here). You can ask multiple questions like "Will you garnish my wages?", "Will you take my house?", etc. Considering the age of the debt, the CA is undoubtedly a bottom feeder, probably with little or no compliance concerns. They are almost certain to violate. Then you can s
  3. Since this started 3 years ago, it is highly likely this is already in place. You should check the property records in your county for liens on your real property.
  4. This sounds to me like a copyright version of a patent troll. As WTC said, send him a copy of the written permission to use the photos.
  5. Tom's comments and mine were in reference to something like this happening in Texas. In essence, if you are in your house, car or business, or even on your property, and are in fear for your safety due to the actions of an aggressor (and lunging into your house DEFINITELY qualifies as being an aggressor), you can cap the idiot. It is not a requirement of the law that the aggressor be armed.
  6. IIRC, HSBC accounts weren't purchased by B of A, they were purchased by Cap One in 2012. You aren't going to be able to use the Delaware SOL. Whether or not you would be able to use Cap One's home SOL will depend on whether they were the entity that sold the account. It is possible that HSBC sold the account prior to the purchase by Cap One.
  7. You probably received that because the successor in interest to Asset Acceptance is Midland Credit Management in San Diego. They bought out Asset last year, I believe. It is likely that MCM does not utilize FFG, so FFG is now out of the picture. Under your circumstances (I know, it sounds like heresy) I would call MCM and get clear information, and get it in writing.
  8. I'm afraid that is exactly what will happen. I also expect the price for the debt to increase, to offset the banks' costs both in providing the additional information and in the oversight they will have to do on the JDBs.
  9. Actually, I think it's the other way around.
  10. +1000...this is NEVER a good idea, something to be avoided at all costs.
  11. If the original judgment creditor sold the debt, they would have had to sell the judgment as well. NC has a 10 year SOL on judgments so, yes, they could garnish your bank accounts but, IIRC, they can't garnish your wages in NC. If they already have a judgment, a DV is probably a waste of time.
  12. And donuts...don't forget the donuts. OP, congrats on the win.