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  1. Thanks for your post, unfortunately I haven't touched the loans in years. They have been on my report since 2004/2005. I'm hearing from other forums that they may exponge from the report and the score will increase? I'm not trying to take the easy way out, I'm trying to take the smartest and safest way out in order to see an increase in my score etc.
  2. Hello I have some questions regarding my student loans. I know there are government loans and private loans. My government loans were garnished until a certain period of time, and then I proceeded to pay them off (on top of my garnishments). The private loans are held through Sallie Mae, and being that they're private they do not garnish. Instead, Sallie Mae has continued to hit me with very high interest rates at which are doubling and tripling my total amount due over the years. I can no longer run and hide, the more I hide the sooner my loans reach $100k mark. I am confused and not sure wha