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  1. Dell is not currently reporting. The last time they did it said first delinquency was 2/2010.
  2. The OC is Dell Financial. On my last credit report where Dell itself is listed the last payment was 2/2010. I have not made any payments since then. I have multiple copies of CRs from the last 2 years and the info on AA is different every time. It was last disputed 3/2014.
  3. I have one last collection account on my CR. This account was originally owned by Dell Financial then sold to Asset Acceptance. DOFD is some time in 2010 which makes this debt outside the 3 yr window. In March 2014 I sent a DV letter. I received a letter in response that said simply its original account was Dell Financial. At the time I was told by a mortgage broker to leave it alone since it was the only one and it was aged out. Now I am trying to refinance my home and the current broker sent me the following as showing on my CR: AAC/ Dell Fina - 12246 (reported by Equifax) Opened 6/2012. High credit $1614, payment due $2015, Balance $2015. Last reported 7/2014. Last late payment 3/2014. Account submitted for collection. This is blatant re-aging of this account. What do I need to do to deal with this?
  4. I received a letter for deletion from Midland today!!!! Didn't even send out any follow up yet! Score one for me!!!
  5. So I ran my CRs tonight.. and all 3 scores improved! TU by only 1pt but hey its something! Anyway I thought I would give an update in my ongoing process. AA is still being reported as verified/disputed by consumer. My next step with this is to just write directly to the CRAs with a letter stating the account info is no longer being disputed by the consumer. I will have to word this carefully as to make sure I do not claim the debt. Until the refinance is closed I will fight to get this removed or the comment cleared. Midland is no longer showing on EQ or TU, but is still showing on EX. It has not been verivied, just reports as disputed. I will send a letter to EX statind something like "this account has been disputed with you and the CA and has not been verified." along with all of the proper documents showing correspondence. Capital One is no longer showing on TU or EX but is still showing on EQ. I will send EQ a method of validation letter (since they couldn't validate with me and were requesting more info!), and Capital One a letter stating I have no knowledge of the account and since they cannot verify the have to stop reporting. Now, one new aggrevation. I had a medical collection that was PAID! It was showing as a paid collection on one report. I sent them a nice sweet "I apologize for allowing this $68 bill to be missed and sent to collections, can you please forgive me and remove the reporting" type letter. I was very honest with this company both when I paid the missed bill and in the letter. It was only with the agency for 3 months. As soon as i found out about it, I paid it off... Now its reporting on all 3 CRAs. SO MAD!!! They could have just left it alone! Completely miffed at this "local" collection agency! I have an appt with a new mortgage broker next week. I will keep posting about what I find out....
  6. No I use equifax credit monitoring. I got it for free after one of the credit card breaches over the holidays last year.its been alerting me to the changes and Midland is not one of them. AA is just came back as verified but the comment stating disputed is still there. Capital One came back listed as disputed but like I said, they requested me to send them more information.
  7. Midland has not verified with the CRAs either. 30 days is up today but I am waiting until the end of next week to run my report again to see if they are still on there. I will send follow up letters to the CRAs and Midland if they are. I have the names of 2 new brokers that I will be contacting once I check my new reports. I will keep posting about the outcome.
  8. That is my next step, but I thought I read on here that the CRAs won't change the info without first contacting the CA first. I just don't want to accidentally restart SOL.
  9. I am approved with the items on my report. I just need the dispute comment on AA to be cleared. This is according to the FHA guidelines for mortgages. I don't know how to go about getting the comment off with out stating "yes this item is mine I no longer dispute." I don't want to restart the SOL.
  10. I am applying for a mortgage refinance due to finally having a community property settlement. I have been talking to a broker, but not sure how to proceed. I have 3 negative accounts showing on my CR. I have disputed all three with the CR in 9/2013. 1. Asset Acceptance- OC is Dell Financial (not showing on report). I disputed this through CR which came back verified. I then sent a DV letter (3/14) which came back verified this week. This debt is out SOL so I know I don't have to pay it. (First default is listed as 3/10) The comment line says "disputed by consumer" which according to my broker just needs the comment line to be cleared. How do I go about doing this? 2. Capital One (OC) sold to Portfolio Recovery. After the initial dispute PR was unable to verify and sent a letter stating it would be removed from CR which it has. Capital One however sent a letter back stating they did not understand my dispute and would like me to send any documentation I have on the account- I have none available as the account is over 5 yrs old. How do I respond to CO? 3. Midland Funding- Best Buy/HSBC (OC), after disputing with CRAs I received a letter from Capital One (purchased HSBC a few yrs ago) saying they had no records of account and it would be removed. HSBC is no longer reporting. I then sent a DV letter to Midland which they have not responded to. What is my next step to get Midland removed? Again this account defaulted 3/2010 so SOL is up. Not sure how to proceed. My broker said the accounts do not have to be off my record, just cleared of dispute. I want to get the second two off so that it will hopefully improve my score. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Well I did answer. They asked for a "Brenda Jones" (not my name). I told them it was the wrong number and have not heard from them since. Didn't think they usually gave up so easily, but we will see.
  12. I used a former letter from this site. I changed it up a bit but it said that they could only contact me thru mail and not at any of my phone numbers.
  13. I just don't think that it's a coincidence that I haven't heard from this company in years and suddenly they started calling THIS weekend!
  14. Last week I sent Midland Funding a DV/CD letter CMRR about an account that is out of SOL but showing on my CR. I received the card in the mail today that they received the letter on April 4. Starting on Saturday I have received no less than 5 phone calls a day from a number that belongs to MF. I have not answered it, they have left no message, but when I googled the number it came back as MF. Aren't they breaking the law to be contacting me now?
  15. My boyfriend just received a letter from a collection agency regarding his past due balance after breaking a lease. He has written emails with the apartment manager authorizing monthly auto withdrawals. Suddenly in January they quit doing the auto withdrawals. He contacted the apartment manager again via email and made arrangements again. The apartment manager replied with an affirmative but never proceeded to process the payments. Now the account has been sent to a collection agency. We have copies of all the emails. How do we proceed with this and is he still responsible for the debt after this?
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