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  1. Finally I got answer for my 623 dispute letter (or whatever we call it) In 623 letter I asked them to send me a copy of statements, date and place in which someone opened an account from which this alleged debt emerged. This is the long answer short: We don't have information you requested. We don't have your account. We sold it to collection agency. Go after them. Sincerely, Leave us alone I sent total 4 certified letter for each account. But got answer only for one. So, what is next step? Wait a little longer and maybe I get answer for the rest 3 accounts? - I sent letters in D
  2. Not yet. Im planning send this letter to collectors (modified): http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter9.shtml But I have strange feelings they will validate it. BTW, I have no idea how DV looks. Edit I just look closer to both report I got (still don't have from TransUnion) and what I see? One account: Charge off amount: 543$ (Experian) 601$ (Equifax) - diffrence 58$ beetwen agencies? Other account: past due: 2836$ (Experian) 2777$ (Equifax) Nice, huh? How can I use it against TL?
  3. My dispute just came back. For now from Equifax and experian so just transunion left. But I do not expect its gonna be different than two others. It came back as verified and CRAs stated if I have a problem with verification I can contact OC. Nice, huh? Honestly I didn't expect other answer than I got and mentaly I prepared to send them 623 Dispute Method but... Not so fast amigo. To make it even worse I just started got letters from collectors stated they purchased accounts I disputed. And if I'm not going pay them, they are reporting accounts to CRA. Great! Looks like I will have more
  4. I'm a little bit confused. So, if our dispute will back as "verified" then we have to wait few months or we can start another dispute right away? I think, if creditor sold your debt to CA it means you do not owe them anything. Or second option, if creditor delete records after few years it means they can't proof you owe them anything. Am I correct?
  5. 2ndTime Around Thank you very much for your response. Much aprettiate. Let me ask few more questions: So, I understand, I just have to tell CRA that negative accounts they have are not my and ask them for correction? I'm sorry for stupid question, but as a foreinger I just... Don't know... How I can do that...? The Bank I wast talking still has my account in their database and they did not sell it to CA. So, in this case I think I have to settle with them. But don't understand, what you meant to "send settlement letters with a 2nd request to scrub your report" Send to whom? Bank? O
  6. Ha! Thats what I was thinking. Especialy I have one wrong adres on my CR. Can I use (with some modification) this letter: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter1.shtml And add list of all accounts I want dispute? And one more question; I read here that creditors should inform us about posting negative listing on our CR and if they don't do this it is violation - am I understand it correctly?
  7. Thank you for your reply. I went to bank and they call to main (?) office and gave me an offer; 40% of amount I owe in 2 rates and account be settled with 0 balance. Account wasn't in collection and bank still maintain it. I'm ready to work with them. Also I went another bank to try settle the another CC debt. But they din't want work. 100% of debt or no deal. But in this case, I have 3 accounts with them but they told me, they have only one. So, I guess I will try dispute with CRA I'm not sure how to start dispute. Is it a request of inaccurate information?
  8. 6 accounts CC and instalments, all are charged off. Total amount is 18000$ and the higest balance is 3900$. Inquires section show that banks still check my record and there are few other "agencies" but only two of them claim that their purpose is collection. I read its possible to negotiate debt and removal of charge off from CR by pay some amount, so yesterday I called one of bank but the lady couldn't tell me anything. She said she has no acces to the account. Is a chance that bank doesn't havy data anymore? If yes, can I ask CR for investigation and remove CO? Actually I'm ready to work w
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  10. Greetings This is a story. In 2009 I got sick and end up in hospital. I had an insurance but still had to pay my part. I had very good CR (753 scores) and huge credit limit (not used) on CC. I used cc to pay off my medical bills. After all I couldn't afford cc payments and bills for living together. Atorney general of Texas told me, if I cant pay my debt then I don't have to and creditors can do nothing to me except go to collection. So be it... After few years my situation change completly. I recovered from sickness, got new, better job, my salary rise over 100% and my financial situation