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  1. I have an Amex charge off account that has been on my reports for essentially 7 years. They reported the original delinquency date to Experian as June 2011, then they reported it to TU and EQ as April 2012. Experian of course has removed it last year, but the other 2 refuse to remove it until April of this year. Why is Amex allowed to do this? Side note: I have already tried to dispute through the agencies, when I did this, Amex retaliated and added an extra "late charge" of like $125 to my report and this tanked the score by 75 points. I don't want to go through that again -
  2. Seadragon says 10 days out - https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3pn_2wRVGfTcUpibVY2dWpvU0U/edit
  3. sent out M&C CMRRR, per your suggestion.
  4. Sept 3rd, no postal service on Sept 2nd ( Labor day ).
  5. So I looked up the California CCP 96 again for reference, and I still think I am correct, it says: " ( b ) The request shall be served no more than 45 days or less than 30 days prior to the date first set for trial, unless otherwise ordered." So why did I get a response of "too late"? I have dated proof that I mailed this 31 days prior to date.
  6. I thought I'd try and clarify the 2 questions - 1. I forgot to use a CMRRR when I sent the Request for Admissions/Interrogatories, so does that mean I'm Sol on that and nothing I can do? 2. Was I really "too late" in mailing a DSC-15, 31 days prior to trial? Those were the 2 questions I had, in my description and explanation above, sorry if it was confusing.
  7. Not sure if I made an error or not, but I thought I'd ask. Sent a Request for Admissions/Interrogatories approx the first week in Aug. and the trial is for Sep. 30th. I had sent all other documents CMRRR, but this one I didn't, never recieved a response from H&H. On Aug 28th, I recieved a CCP 98 which is dated as such with the court, on a one day turnaround, I sent a DSC015 Request for Statement of Witness and Evidence ( Aug 30th ). This was sent CMRRR dated by the PO on the 30th ( 31 days before trail ), they responded with denial of request because I was past the date allowed. This stuff is new to me and I have been reading as much as possible, but I thought I'd ask about options here. thanks.