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  1. REally? Is that a form with the courts???? I didn't know I can do that? Do you have a copy?
  2. I asked for dismissal with prejudice but the court ruled dismissal without prejudice. It was set for 8:30 and by 8:40 the case was called. It was quick. I stated why we shouldn't wait and she ruled.
  3. Hi Everyone: Thank for all the support!!!!! Got to court today and Moore Law Group no-showed. Judge dismissed the case when they called it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. OK....I know I'm about to sound ignorant but it sounds like I can object to the trial occuring on the date that was set when I'm there and ask teh court to set court date in the future? Sorry. New to all this. I have never even gotten a speeding ticket, never the less appear in court.
  5. Hi Everyone: I'm a little bit confuse and hope that someone can shed a little light on my situation. I received a notice from the court here in CA and its states: "Civil Trial Assignment -Short Cause - Civil Trial Assignment". This was set by plantiff. Their original filing was a "Case Management" trial. I was told that CA no longer do casemangement meet and confer. So is this an actual trial or is it to meet with the judge and set up a trial date? I originally had the impression that this was just a meeting infront of the judge to set a trial date. It's assigned on a Friday morning at 8:30 in the morning. Would someone shed some light on this for me? Thanks.
  6. I'm dealing with Moore Law Group who said that American Express is the creditor. Original debtor is what I'm thinking. I haven't receive discovery so I don't know for sure but the filing is American Exp vs. Me.
  7. Cool. Ok. So my defense would be that I can't cross examine the person to the affidavit and attempt to subpoena that person? But that means I have to pay for expenses. I read somewhere here that a person has to be 150 miles from court house for ssubpeona purposes. Is that true?
  8. I spoke to an attorney and he said that business rules would enable them to submit paperwork without needing to have a person testify to the docs they submit if they have an affidavit. Is this true??? I don't know enough and couldn't really tell him why he might be wrong. The attorney said I should try and settle. Ask the court for court mediation cause I will loose in trial here.
  9. Thanks. Good info. I don't have much paperwork, but I'll start a binder and request discovery. Any idea how far back I can delay this process? Base on what I'm reading on some of the topics, seems like I need at least 2-4 months before trial to line my ducks all in a row. I haven't even started discovery process yet. I'm way behind base on what I'm reading. Been googling and trying to see how this law firm in Santa Ana which is 400 miles from where I am will be handling this case. Thank god I found this site. It's amazing what I'm reading here.
  10. Hi Everyone: I have a "Case Management" trial date next month in front of a judge set by Moore Law Group. Does anyone know what the expectations for this trial date? After reading one of the posting, it seems like it's more of a meet and confer infront of the judge and a trial date will be set. Can I serve them with discovery right there? Should I serve them with discovery? Any comment is valuable.
  11. May I have a copy of your motion in limine to read? I want to see how you argue to throw out their evidence. Thanks.
  12. Does anyone know how competent the Moore Law Group attorney's are? Sheila Shahriyarpour, Esq. (267380)???
  13. This gives me hope that I can win!!!!!!!!! I've reread your post three times already.
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