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  1. Sorry, I meant 2010, I had three cards with Barclay's that I defaulted on, two in 2009 and one in 2010 because I tried to catch up on it for a couple months but was unsuccessful. March of 2010 was the last payment I made on the account.
  2. JDB, it is Jefferson Capital Systems. They have had the account since 2012 but have only attempted one collection effort that I was able stop with my previous letter to the attorney. I was also able to have the tradeline and the collection removed from all credit reports. I will see if I can find the ARB section of the agreement. The account originated from 2006 and I defaulted on it in 2009.
  3. Thank you everyone for the great advice, time to get working on removing this one!
  4. I recently had a medical collection placed on my credit for a treatment I had late last year. I am somewhat shocked at how quickly the Doctor turned it over to collection and it is doubly frustrating because I finally had my scores in the 660 range and was looking to purchase a home this summer with my wife. The collection is for $242 and it dropped my score nearly 100 points, down to 572. This is very annoying to say the least. I really need this removed from my report, and I have researched for days, but there are so many ways to try. HIPPA, call the Doctor, PFD, etc. The company
  5. Can you provide more details on what you had in your letter and what you said during the phone call? I have two of these as well and would like to have a zero balance show if possible.
  6. Thank you both for your replies. I am hoping they just go away again and once March comes, the SOL will have expired. I know they can continue to collect, but it gives them significantly less leverage and I can settle for a much lower amount. The debt itself isn't very high, under $3k, but it has ruined my credit for the past 6 years, so I would hate to pay any portion of it having struggled with bad credit for as long as I have.
  7. From my own experience, BK sounds like it might be the way to go. I fell on hard times in 2009, over 90k in debt, job changed and lost a substantial portion of my income. I have since paid, either because of judgments or just trying to clean up my report everything except two charge offs, both fall off this year. My score has moved exactly 100 points and I still do not qualify for a mortgage. I have paid back over 70k of the debt, have lived with bad credit for 7 years anyway, and have nothing to show for my efforts. If I had just declared BK, I would probably be typing this from my own h
  8. I have an account that I thought I had handled but it has been resurrected by a new attorney and they sent a collection letter. When the last attorney sent their letter, I sent them back a dispute and referenced Delaware SOL. The card was a Barclay's card and the credit card agreement stated it was to be governed by Delaware Law, which is three years. I never heard back from the original attorney. The second attorney just sent the letter in November, which I disputed within 30 days using the same method as above. Within five days they validated the debt, old credit card statement, but di
  9. I was in a suit with them in another county, then I moved and they refiled in Morris County. I received the notice from the court but didn't get my answer in in time. I called them to settle, and they set up an agreement stating the judgment hadn't been file yet. When I called back the next day to pay them, the new person on the phone said that the Judgment had been recorded two days prior, so the original person I spoke with lied to me. At that point I told them I was not paying at this time because they wouldn't vacate the Judgment. I still haven't received the summary judgment from
  10. I have been dealing with Midland and Pressler on one last account they have. I had offered settlements which they counter offered. While this was happening they entered for summary judgment, which they got. I guess since they are a Morris County firm, and I now live in Morris County, they are able to have them pushed through more quickly. The strange thing is, I received notice on my credit report that it was entered on June 16th, but I still have not received anything from the court. I am going to file a motion to vacate. Pressler has already issued a wage garnishment too. Shouldn't
  11. Those were my thoughts as well. I will submit for a paper copy of my report and see what/if they send anything. Thanks again
  12. I can confirm from a pull on My Fico yesterday that third party companies can still provide my credit report, I just cannot dispute online or use any of the free credit reports available. Transunion.com I am completely locked out of as well. My understanding is we are supposed to be able to access our credit file free annually, since TU locked me out, I cannot access that file, is that a violation of the FCRA? "The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires each of the nationwide credit reporting companies — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion — to provide you with a free copy of your credit re
  13. I kinda thought so too. I have an old settlement offer for 25% maybe ill offer that.
  14. So, I just got off the phone with TU and was told I was locked out of any of their services for life. I asked why, and the lady on the phone said she didn't know, that it was an automated system that locked me out. I said I work for a software company, and have never seen software written that couldn't unlock a user before. As I pushed more, she sent me to a supervisor. While on hold I was reading about others that had the same experience, they were told there was suspisous activity from 2007 and their account has been locked since then. The supervisor comes on the phone and what do you
  15. Thank you for the replies! I am just happy that i can still resolve it with Chase. Since they already filed the 1099, should i be more aggressive with my offer, say 10 or 15%?