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  1. They can sue all they want I have nothing to take , actually it will work , because by the time the lawsuit goes through the court I can pay,
  2. @Clydesmom it's just a ebay type buissness , the only one who can sue me , would be the lender . The guy I sold it to has always paid me , I saw a chance to make allot of stuff cheap , he couldn't move it as quickly as I tjought , he should be able to blow it out for Xmas season. It's just a sole proprietor, I have no assets except a truck which is paid off and valued at 6k I am looking for a night job to save up to pay this off, they are not willing to take low payments from me as of yet I am like 80 days pass due , they want 3k payments then 2k I can't swing that at this time
  3. It was a buissness loan to buy inventory , I bought it but haven't been paid yet , once the guy I sold it pays I can pay this off but it could be six months until I get the check , There is no one piece tied to the secured loan , thee ucc-1 says all personal property , they haven't filed suit yet just a letter so far and calls ,
  4. Anyone ever deal with kabbage , I defaulted on a loan and they just filed A ucc-1 on me what ever that means? I owe them 12k
  5. yeah he is not to worried but you never know. There is no way there evidence they have sumbitted is going to stand up to appeal. So I think he has a good shot to win. I will check the other thread out and relay it to him,. the local judge seems to make these guys prove these cases beyond there bogus evidence.
  6. my freind is being sued by Name: Midland Funding Llc Address: 8875 Aero Drive San Diego, Ca 92123 I think your credit card agreement may stipulate what laws were used. I am not sure. I am sure one of the others can help you more with that
  7. Bv80 and the others really saved my a$$. midland will probably file for a MOTION FOR JUDGMENT ON THE PLEADINGS is the lawyer suing you Nevenka ? I have a guy I know who is set for trial , he beat the motion for judgment on the pleadings and is set for trial. I will update the case as the trial is very soon. unfourntaly he is very paranoid that if posts anything on the board it will be used against him.
  8. Thanks , yeah I can . I post later today or tomorrow morning when I have some free time to redact the information.
  9. Thanks , I had no costs because I filed a poverty affidavit so I didn't pay any filing fees. If that is what you mean by costs
  10. I did ask during discovery . They said they have none at this time but are open to change that. Well I now relaize why they never submitted any witnesses. They have dropped the case with out prejudiced. so i won this round agaisnt asset
  11. update to my case, I have defeated the summary judgment. We are heading to trial. does the plaintiff have to notify me of any witness they plan to call?
  12. Well that is why he said he cant advise me to do the title loan. He basically spoke in "off the record terms" I plan to pay it off very quickly. THis is just a back up plan in case I lose my lawsuit to the JDB. I rather pay the court then the scumbag debt collectors. Thanks for your input guys.
  13. I have filed a MSj of my own. . I think this now ties both MSJ together. I don't want to piss off the judge. But should I wait until they respond to file a motion to strike?
  14. thanks that is good information to know
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