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  1. Hi @shellieh98, Calawyer did help me with these answers however, the answer he gave me were based on the term " account" not being defined. After further review, under the "definitions" subject of the RFA's , the account is defined by a chase acct number, so now im unsure if I can use these answers.
  2. Do I copy these request to Pleading paper and then send? Or Do I just send them as you have written them here? @shellieh98 & @calaywer Thanks in advance!
  3. @calawyer No it isn't. It is written exactly the way it was typed above which i thought was odd. Is this common? No mention of Chase or Midland. Just the word "Account" Thanks, Mee
  4. @racecar & @RyanEX It seems your discovery admissions almost mirror mine. When responding, did you respond on Pleading paper? I want to send out my discovery answers tonight and need help.
  5. Hi @calawyer or @shellieh98 Can one of you help with my admits? I have to send these out no later than tomorrow morning for my discovery to be within 35 days of my receipt.
  6. @calawyer & @shellieh98 Below are the following; Plaintiff's request for admission to defendent set one Plaintiff's special interrogatories to defendent set one Request for Admissions Request for Admssion No 1 Admit that you applied for the ACCOUNT 2 Admit that you used the ACCOUNT 3 Admit that you received monthly billing statements from Chase Bank USA or its predeccessor in interest to the transactions made 4 Admit that you made payments on the account 5 Admit that you owed XXXX on the account at the time the complaint in this action was filed 6 Admit you have not repaid
  7. Yes, on my credit report it shows 10x90. The last dates say Nov 09 of 90 day lates then it skips to 1/10 which im assuming is when chase finally charged it off?
  8. Hi @calawyer The statement dates from the plaintiff are "chase statements" from Oct 2008 - Oct- 2009. The statements show I made payments throughout the time period however, the last payment the statements show are in Aug of 2009. My Credit report has me a little confused with the transferring of the account. Jan 10 is showing up but I can't confirm if they are showing I made a payment or what. Im am in agreement with you. I feel that we should ask for all statements. What's the best way to go about doing so? Thanks, Me
  9. I will write out what I were asked so that someone can help me answer if I don't find the answers in the other referenced post.Thanks, Me
  10. Hi Shellieh98,You are correct. The bill of sale does not include my name. Only chase the receivables company that bought it. An affidavit was included aslo. My name was not included in that either. Thanks, Me