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  1. Here is an update. Couple interesting things happened at court. The law office representing AMEX (so they say) hired some local attormey who showed up today with nothing but account statements. Before we entered court he asked to speak with us in a conference room. We declined and went into court. He had no signed agreement from AMEX. My wife took the stand for about 5 minutes answering basic questions about the statement set in front of her. He could tell this was going no where so he rested his case. I told my wife to ask for signed agreement documents. He admitted he did not ave them. Than
  2. My wife received a civil action hearing notice. There was no documentation sent along with the Civil Action Notice. I simply responded to defend. The court called a couple days before the first hearing and pushed it back until tomorrow. We do not have a lawyer. Looking for some advice for tomorrow???? I attached the complaint to the post. TYcomplaint.pdf
  3. Thank you for responding to my post. I will contact these attorney's quickly!
  4. Hi All Just received the attached papers last night. I've read alot of posts mostly dealing with Debt Collectors. this looks like AMEX is suing my wife. Short story, my wife and I incurred a ton of debt with 6-7 credit card companies to stat a business. The business has failed to turn a profit and we are just unable to pay at this time. Just staying a float paying the basics and looking for time which these companies are not willing to allow. Amex is out of salt Lake city and hired a local attorney to handle the suit. There was no additional documentation with the complaint. Should we conte