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  1. yes, I got the terminology wrong... sorry. But it is the DOFD then 180 day + the 7 year SOL, correct? And it is the DOFD with the OC that determines the DOLA, not each time another CA purchases, or is assigned it, correct?
  2. In conjunction with the Not seriously past due thing, it is listed as "internal collection dept"., when it is not, Doesn't that matter? They are misrepresenting the debt to intentionally cause more damage to the CR. From my understanding, the DOLA has to be 180 days from the DOLA, then seven years reporting for the SOL. They must report the DOLA as the OC DOLA... noit the date of their acquiring the account? It seems to be that different CA have continually picked up on an amount close to this and continually re-inserted this amount under different CA names, but I can't be sure.... I do know I haven't acquired any new medical debt in this time frame.... I'm not for sure. There is not any letter, just reporting on my CR.
  3. Misrepresentations by the collector about themselves or the debt are actionable regardless of intent. Protection under the FDCPA Gearing v. Check Brokerage Corp Cacace v. Lucas, 775 F. Supp. 502, 505 (D. Conn. 1990) $1,000 They are misrepresenting the debt by listing it as "seriously past due" ; a collection, by definition is not past due. A closed account, or a collection, by definition is not an open account, and is not past due. Also, they are misrepresenting themselves because (the CA) because this is a CA not the "credit grantor's internal collection department". Also, I'm not sure, because this alleged debt isn't familiar, so if it is a debt I may have owed, I believe they are re-aging the date to the date of that they aquirred the account; which would be considered re-aging of the date: Creditors, collection agencies, or credit bureaus, if they try and "Re-Age" your account by updating the date of last activity on your credit report in the hopes of keeping negative information on your account longer. Consumer protection afforded by the FCRA FCRA Section 605© $1,000
  4. Account Name: Central states Recovery Account number: ##### Account type: Collection Department / Agency / Attorney Account Status: Closed Date Opened: 11/1/2012 Balance: $359 Terms: 1 month Past due: $359 Payment Status: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department Comments: Account in dispute-reported by subscriber So, this is what the listing looks like on privacy guard. Can I call up this CA, and inform them of their violations of the FCRA/FDCPA, or write them a nice letter informing them, with an intent to Sue tone to it, if they don't remove it? What specific way should I approach this to get this off quicker? I'm not interested in the $$$ for the violations; just the leverage it gives me to get it off CR the quickest possible! Money for the violations would be a nice benefit, but it is definitely not my focus. Will they respond well to a phone call if I record it and get employee ID #s, or is there a better approach? Thank you
  5. think they'd sue if I sent them a cease and desist letter because I claim I don't owe US Cellular anything? I could always counter claim if they do... and subpena customer service calls with US Cellular and the complete billing history of the account as well as the original signed agreed contract... I really don't feel I owe them anything.. it got to the point I had to take a shower, while on hold and my phone was on speaker on a shelf, in order to get a shower in... I want them to go away... and not report this malarkey on my CR. But I might get sued... don't know... sigh.
  6. About a year and a couple months ago, I was more than happy with US Cellular, and could not have found a better cell phone company. Then, they made one bill not due at the regular time (about two weeks late), and then double-billed me for two months bills (so there was two weeks +/- I shouldn't have had to pay for. Then the "months" were shorter, so they were actually billing their "months" about five days sooner than an actual month. When they started messing up the bill the first time and had told me they would fix it, I believed them because until now I had never had an issue with them, so I upgraded to a Galaxy S4. I had about a whole month and a half that one of my four lines (mine specifically) were not working at all after I upgraded. I spent a total of 3-4 weeks on DH's line, and about 40 hrs total getting just the voice calling to work on my line... then another few weeks getting the internet to work better.... but the internet and voice were no longer working as well as they used to, on any of the lines. The rest of the lines were somewhat working. A couple weeks after that, I found out that all 4 lines had some call-forwarding-type feature on them all... supposedly, causing all the dropped calls, and poor internet function. Then a couple weeks after that, they shut down all four of my lines.... when I got to another phone, and got a hold of them, a US Cellular manager acknowledged it was COMPLETELY WRONGFULLY shut off. At this point, I found out my brand new Galaxy S4 was a dud, so they agreed, on the phone, to send me a manufacturer refurbished (so I got charged for a new phone and never got a new, working Galaxy S4 from US cellular; I had to pay the new upgrade for a refurbished.... but they were supposed to take off a couple hundred in those charges, and never did. I told them, in this conversation, that I would take the refurbished phone, and never have my new one, as long as they agreed that it would work properly, without all the issues, and that they would get all 4 of my lines working as well as they used to, or I would be allowed out of all of the final cancellation fees and bills because I had not gotten proper service for the past few months on all 4 of my lines. I told them if they didn't make this right, and get things working properly, I didn't feel like I should have to pay them for the phone, and/or service I wasn't getting... let alone I gave them 3-4 months to get things straightened out....but if the phone worked, I would pay that month's bill that Thursday... They actually agreed (God I wish I had that conversation recorded). Anyways, I received my refurbished phone, got it turned on... then that Sunday, they turned off my lines again!!! I drove the 3 hours to go to a US Cellular store... they refused to turn back on my lines... I told them they were not getting another penny from me then. So, my bill should have been about the $300/ mo they were charging me, minus about $175 total they took parts off of with each problem... Now, almost a year later I get a letter from Diversified Consultants, Inc. saying I owed US Cellular $717.40 + $215.22 in collection fees for a total of $932.62... For one thing, I didn't think collection companies were allowed to add collection fees? For another thing... I told them to shut down my account and not to charge me for another month. Another thing, they strictly told me they bill one month in advance when I signed up, so that should have paid off any remaining balance from the last month. I wasn't even getting proper service with them; they weren't providing service they were charging for. I found out that sprint bought out us cellular when all the problems with service started. I wish they would have told me that is why they were changing their system, because I would have never never ever stayed with them, let alone upgraded my phone, had I known sprint bought them out, because Sprint is who I left to go to US Cellular... and they were horrible phone/customer service all around. It is from about, I believe DOLA of September/October of last year. I know it is not past the SOL of 3 years in KS... I don't feel I owe this, or any amount due to the double billing, and charging me for service I wasn't getting, as well as all the discounts they said they would give in order to make up for all the lack of being able to use my service and for having to be on the phone with customer service for all that time. What can I do???
  7. So, both myself and DH received a notice directly from the CRA (one of the "E" ones), in the mail, on the same exact day. The letter stated that someone deceptively tried to pull mine & DH CRs from this CRA. The letters didn't state WHO tried to pull each of our CRs. Is there a way I could make the CRA tell me who this was that tried to deceptively perform hard inquiries? I need to know, because I think I know who tried to tried to do the hard inquiries. We have some landlord(s) who have done gone full out NUTS & bananas. When we signed up for the rental, we though we had the one landlord, he passed. There are several siblings running it now. They are violating many landlord/tenant privacy laws & etc... we are trying to get out of here ASAP! We have an offer on a home to purchase. Anyways, don't want to go into great detail, but I think it was one or all of them that tried to hard pull our CRs, because one seems OVERLY obsessed with trying to find who we are getting our mortgage through.... to the point of coming over and screaming and nitpicking at us about that and other irrelevant things. Who it is that is going to provide our mortgage loan on the home is none of any of their business. I think he is trying to blacklist us or something!?!?!? I know that the landlord/tenant stuff is off topic, but if it was them who pulled our CRs, how do I find that out, and how do I get them on it? They have no right, I want to nail them for everything its worth if it was them, because I've had enough; they've took it way too far. If the landlords tried to pull our credit now (3yrs+/- into renting), what can I get them on? Violation of the FCRA? Landlord/tenant laws (Federal/KS)? Fraud? Is there some law against trying to get someone's mortgage info and trying to maliciously trying to keep that person from obtaining a home loan? I need whatever info you all can help out with. I've been very patient and forgiving, but this guy is taking things way to far. I need to add in a little offense to make all my defense on this jerk be effective. I don't know what else to do?! Thank you for any helpful info!
  8. Okay, so this is definitely off topic, but I accidentally ran across this website by reading someone's post on another link from this website... So, supposedly, you can get free money, like billions, because you have a birth certificate, because some law in the early 1930's. So has anybody ever heard about this, and can anybody tell me more? sounds fishy, but just curious.... http://www.debtloanpayoff.com/
  9. What is a CFPB, and how would I go about it? I couldn't find it on the abbreviations list. Thanks. Sorry. .. figured it out. For those of you who don't know either: http://www.consumerfinance.gov But could a person do both at the same time; a dispute with the CRAs, and file a CFPB?
  10. He needs to move closer to family, and buy a new house. My aunt is on disability and needs family closer. So he doesn't have to respond to OC's letter, but OC does have to be able to verify to the CRAs, correct?
  11. Okay, so I'm back on my uncle's CR repair.... I made disputes on some of my uncle's CRs, making sure the accounts I disputed with the CRAs were past the 3 year SOL for an open-ended account in KS. The CRAs had the letters for about a week+/-. One disputed account was an open-ended TL with one of those mail-order overpriced companies that furnish sub-par items... the DOLA on this account is about 4 years ago, so I figured either they could verify/validate to the CRA, or they couldn't. It is also listed as a CO, so I figured they didn't have the info to support verifying to the CRAs. No limit is shown, the high balance is $400, and the CO is shown as a balance of $175. A few things on the amount/date didn't seem quite accurate, so... I just helped my uncle to write the CRAs that the account was in dispute, that the TL on the CR was incomplete and incorrect, and that verification was requested. There isn't a CA listed, even though the account shows CO. The letters were to the big three CRA, but my uncle recieved a letter requesting him to provide the OC with information regarding the account. Such as if he felt the account wasn't his, did he file a police report if he felt the account wasn't his etc.. etc.. If they have info on it, why didn't they just verify the correct date/balance/limit and high balance???? Is a response required, and do they actually have the right to contact him, rather than just provide the CRA with the proper info when a verification was requested? Thank you
  12. I got to looking back at other items on my reports, they did it a year ago also; a month and a year apart, they pulled my credit twice, with no other form of communication at all. It has my current address, it had it last year. I would think it is also like the statute that states they can only call a neighbor/relatives once for location purposes. So, what about the fact that DC are supposed to notify you within 5 days of placing anything on your CR? Shouldn't they have to try to contact you for any collection activity? I consider it harassment and purposeful defamation of character/credit, even if/especially if, there is some, unknown debt to me; if there is a valid debt purposefully damaging my credit report by pulling it multiple times isn't collection activity. It would seem much more logical if they had my address from last year to just contact me if they had a tangible purpose, not just keep pulling my CR. So.... What if I just tried to cut this off before it begins? What if I just sent them a C&D, while phrasing it something like, "Dear CA, I have no debt with you, nor have I ever had any type of business or communication with your company. However, recently, I realized your scrupulous company did a hard pull on my credit report; this is not a permissible purpose per the FCRA. When I realized that you not only pulled my credit report approximately a month ago, but also about a year ago, I realized your company is just trying to intentionally, knowledgeably, and purposefully damage my credit, being that I have never had a relationship with your company, and I never intend on it. Sense you pulled my credit report a year and a month ago, and then again last month, you should have had my current address already, because it is the same now as it was last year. I know that my address was on my credit report last year when you pulled it then. Had you had any purpose other than defamation, you would have contacted me properly. I want NOTHING to do with your dishonest company. I am formally telling your company to CEASE AND DESIST and remove both hard inquiries from my credit report you made. If there are any violations per the FCRA or the FDCPA, or any other federal law that grants me relief for your illegal behavior, I will not fail to report your violations to the FTC or any other over-site federal entity, and I will possibly invoke my right for relief under these federal statutes. I would rather you just save both of us time and money by your company just removing both hard inquiries from my credit report and CEASE AND DESIST COMPLETELY. This is an attempt to correct your company's improper actions; any information obtained will be used for that purpose. I expect to shortly be notified by my credit monitoring service you have removed the hard inquiries. I also hope you delete, shred, or otherwise properly get rid of any of my personal information in your possession, as you have no right to it. Thank you signed me"
  13. I have had my fair share of prior medical collections.... but nothing new. At least not anything I've not already dealt with in the last 4-5 years. I have had absolutly no CCs that were not secured in about 10 years. I have had a Capital One secured card for about 3 years, keeping everything good. Only very recently, I obtained a Nebraska Furntinture Mart $500 credit limit, within the last two months. I have very very little on this. In 2005, I bought a home that was sold to me under fraudulent conditions by multiple real estate people hiding severe problems (raw sewage from a purposefuly installed overflow pipe into the crawl space, black mold, smart board to cover up all the mold in the walls, undisclosed insurance claims...etc..etc..). It was a USDA ruaral developmemt loan, so it was government backed. I didn't live in it but a week without having issues that made this home uninhabitable. Purchase price: about $90K... amount Dept. Treasury took after forclosure: $48k + 7 years later $5k because they transferred it to a CA with only $1-2K left (that is the amount left when they tacked on the extra $5k). We spent 5 years in court, one bad attorney, one great one... got nowhere. Judge wouldn't allow anything hardly to be heard beacause no other court cases like it in Kansas.... Anyways, they finally took ALL of the $53,000 total through debt set off (they took my income tax returns for the last some odd years). There is absolutely nothing left on this malarkey debt!! Active accounts on CR: Cap One secured CC, NFM store CC Collection Accts: 1 Library Collection from 2008 (the libarary told me they were excusing the late fees and didn't) 1 Med. Collection on all three for $350 aprox 2 unidentified collections (I think they are claiming Medical) on Equifax, around $170, and $70, that somehow CRA is verifying when absolutely no OC or CA is listed. Here is the notification from Identity gaurd: Credit Alert New inquiry Reporting agency Experian Date reported 06/26/2014 Company COMMERCIAL RECOVERY SYS Address 671 E 18 ST PLANO TX 75074 Telephone 4694538190 Industry Collections Agencies Type INSTI I have recieved no letters, no phone calls, nothing from this company. The Only other thing I can think of is that, multiple times I have had to get an adress from Indiana off my CRs multiple times because someone with the same name. I cannot think of any reason they would pull my credit.
  14. I do not, and have never had a collection account with their name on it on my credit report. Identity Gaurd notified they hard-pulled my credit today. I have never ever had any letters or contacts with this company. Should I verify, validate, or just draw up an intent to sue letter? Or is there something else I should do first? Please help, thank you.
  15. Methus posted this awsome RESPA letter in conciderations of dealing with your mortgage broker. I'm not tooo familiar with RESPA. I just know that if they don't respond, there is reson for relief. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/280456-letter-to-your-mortgage-servicer/ So, I was wondering if this would be of good use for my aunt and uncle. They are trying to get credit up to buy a new home closer to family, but they have a mortgage. Wells Fargo is the carrier on this mortgage. They, WF, recently appeared to undergo an "internal" overhaul of some sort... Long story short, the morgage they have under Well's Fargo now reports $0... an absolute zero balance, on a mortgage of aproximately $55,000 principle. So my uncle called WF, and they said it was some kind of internal adjustment and that it shouldn't have affected him, or his credit report at all. WF told my uncle that he would have to send a copy of each of his CRs that it is reporting incorrectly to (all three CRAs) if he wanted WF to do anything about it at all. So, I'm thinking of writing WF with Methus's nice letter, and then requesting verification on the $0 balance in some way, to each CRA. However, I'm wondering if I shouldn;t wait out the 60 days response from WF before sending in the verification? Is there anything else that can be done, in relation to the fact they are reporting the balance as $0?
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