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  1. yes, I got the terminology wrong... sorry. But it is the DOFD then 180 day + the 7 year SOL, correct? And it is the DOFD with the OC that determines the DOLA, not each time another CA purchases, or is assigned it, correct?
  2. In conjunction with the Not seriously past due thing, it is listed as "internal collection dept"., when it is not, Doesn't that matter? They are misrepresenting the debt to intentionally cause more damage to the CR. From my understanding, the DOLA has to be 180 days from the DOLA, then seven years reporting for the SOL. They must report the DOLA as the OC DOLA... noit the date of their acquiring the account? It seems to be that different CA have continually picked up on an amount close to this and continually re-inserted this amount under different CA names, but I can't be sure.... I do kn
  3. Misrepresentations by the collector about themselves or the debt are actionable regardless of intent. Protection under the FDCPA Gearing v. Check Brokerage Corp Cacace v. Lucas, 775 F. Supp. 502, 505 (D. Conn. 1990) $1,000 They are misrepresenting the debt by listing it as "seriously past due" ; a collection, by definition is not past due. A closed account, or a collection, by definition is not an open account, and is not past due. Also, they are misrepresenting themselves because (the CA) because this is a CA not the "credit grantor's internal collection department
  4. Account Name: Central states Recovery Account number: ##### Account type: Collection Department / Agency / Attorney Account Status: Closed Date Opened: 11/1/2012 Balance: $359 Terms: 1 month Past due: $359 Payment Status: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department Comments: Account in dispute-reported by subscriber So, this is what the listing looks like on privacy guard. Can I call up this CA, and inform them of their violations of the FCRA/
  5. think they'd sue if I sent them a cease and desist letter because I claim I don't owe US Cellular anything? I could always counter claim if they do... and subpena customer service calls with US Cellular and the complete billing history of the account as well as the original signed agreed contract... I really don't feel I owe them anything.. it got to the point I had to take a shower, while on hold and my phone was on speaker on a shelf, in order to get a shower in... I want them to go away... and not report this malarkey on my CR. But I might get sued... don't know... sigh.
  6. About a year and a couple months ago, I was more than happy with US Cellular, and could not have found a better cell phone company. Then, they made one bill not due at the regular time (about two weeks late), and then double-billed me for two months bills (so there was two weeks +/- I shouldn't have had to pay for. Then the "months" were shorter, so they were actually billing their "months" about five days sooner than an actual month. When they started messing up the bill the first time and had told me they would fix it, I believed them because until now I had never had an issue with them, s
  7. So, both myself and DH received a notice directly from the CRA (one of the "E" ones), in the mail, on the same exact day. The letter stated that someone deceptively tried to pull mine & DH CRs from this CRA. The letters didn't state WHO tried to pull each of our CRs. Is there a way I could make the CRA tell me who this was that tried to deceptively perform hard inquiries? I need to know, because I think I know who tried to tried to do the hard inquiries. We have some landlord(s) who have done gone full out NUTS & bananas. When we signed up for the rental, we though we had the one
  8. farrier

    Black berry wine

    What do you do to even think about making your own wine out of blackberries? I know where there is fields full of them... it would be a fun experiment! Just for the fun of it... I can can my garden veggies and many other wonderfully crafty things grandma taught me, but never made wine. If I could accomplish it, it would be fun to give a couple friends some for a Christmas gift
  9. Okay, so this is definitely off topic, but I accidentally ran across this website by reading someone's post on another link from this website... So, supposedly, you can get free money, like billions, because you have a birth certificate, because some law in the early 1930's. So has anybody ever heard about this, and can anybody tell me more? sounds fishy, but just curious.... http://www.debtloanpayoff.com/
  10. What is a CFPB, and how would I go about it? I couldn't find it on the abbreviations list. Thanks. Sorry. .. figured it out. For those of you who don't know either: http://www.consumerfinance.gov But could a person do both at the same time; a dispute with the CRAs, and file a CFPB?
  11. He needs to move closer to family, and buy a new house. My aunt is on disability and needs family closer. So he doesn't have to respond to OC's letter, but OC does have to be able to verify to the CRAs, correct?
  12. Okay, so I'm back on my uncle's CR repair.... I made disputes on some of my uncle's CRs, making sure the accounts I disputed with the CRAs were past the 3 year SOL for an open-ended account in KS. The CRAs had the letters for about a week+/-. One disputed account was an open-ended TL with one of those mail-order overpriced companies that furnish sub-par items... the DOLA on this account is about 4 years ago, so I figured either they could verify/validate to the CRA, or they couldn't. It is also listed as a CO, so I figured they didn't have the info to support verifying to the CRAs. No limi
  13. I got to looking back at other items on my reports, they did it a year ago also; a month and a year apart, they pulled my credit twice, with no other form of communication at all. It has my current address, it had it last year. I would think it is also like the statute that states they can only call a neighbor/relatives once for location purposes. So, what about the fact that DC are supposed to notify you within 5 days of placing anything on your CR? Shouldn't they have to try to contact you for any collection activity? I consider it harassment and purposeful defamation of character/credit
  14. I have had my fair share of prior medical collections.... but nothing new. At least not anything I've not already dealt with in the last 4-5 years. I have had absolutly no CCs that were not secured in about 10 years. I have had a Capital One secured card for about 3 years, keeping everything good. Only very recently, I obtained a Nebraska Furntinture Mart $500 credit limit, within the last two months. I have very very little on this. In 2005, I bought a home that was sold to me under fraudulent conditions by multiple real estate people hiding severe problems (raw sewage from a purposef
  15. I do not, and have never had a collection account with their name on it on my credit report. Identity Gaurd notified they hard-pulled my credit today. I have never ever had any letters or contacts with this company. Should I verify, validate, or just draw up an intent to sue letter? Or is there something else I should do first? Please help, thank you.