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  1. Even though the they stated this was being settled in full settlement for the balance and named the original creditor?
  2. The Original creditor still owns the debt, so should i call them back and tell them to specifically state that I cannot be sued for the remaining balance and or that they will not sell the remaining balance to another creditor?
  3. Hmmm the letter doesn't say that they won't sell it to any other company's but it does say they will accept 500 in full settlement of the above referenced account. The letter also identifies the creditor and the last four digits of the account number. The last payment was 2009 and i will be paying the full settled amount in one shot but not the full amount of the actual balance that was owed
  4. Hi, I will be settling with all my creditors. I became sick and my disability case took YEARS long story short I ran through my entire life savings and could no longer pay any bills. I'm starting with a small card and working my way up to the larger balances but here is my question. I live in New York and will be settling with a collection company. The original creditor says that this collection company has been assigned the debt and I cannot settle with them directly. The letter states they are authorized to accept xyz amount in full settlement. My worry is I'll pay this amount and someone else will come after me for the rest can anyone provide any insight? Any help is greatly appreciated