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  1. I must doing this wrong ?? 5400 + cases. but unrelated ..? how can I every read all???? and ....all seems crazy, really ....anything with the word "motion" show up, anything with the word "summary" show up.... OMG ! Must be a better way , right ? FYI, I walked in to Law Library, they have only west law classic. but I was able to try lexis nexis , the website recommended by debtzapper. What if, the motion for summary judgment that I bring, do not carry "case law", as a Pro Se, will that considered "dead -on-arrival" ?? Million thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, Just curious, is there a effective way by Pro(s) like you all, to pull case law ( in California) ? I feel like finding a pin in the ocean,... I am trying to find some case law that the defendant files for motion summary judgment Vs. plaintiff, as they plaintiff does not have any contract with defendant. Million thanks,
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