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  1. Thanks seadragon whats MIL and where I can find a cheatsheet... anon amos I ment if they have to answer to my request or no..because I didin't have anything to reply to them so I didn't prepare any just in case they send one.
  2. But did they have? In my case I didn't I had nothing to show so I didn't.
  3. happy new year to all PRA tried hard this last month to make pay or make payments, now we will be in court now IDKnow if I should talk to them or see what happnes in court they never responded to my CCP96 request so ....
  4. Cool thanks, so what now just wait for court date, cause they are calling me to arrange payments. Or what's the next step. Thanks for the help CIC members.
  5. Court did, it was not a request of the other part or mine. It was this month and it was moved to next month.
  6. oldwoman thanks for taking the time to write that and aslo thanks to all CIC members for helping ... so it's offial they did not respond to my ccp96 they are over 20 days but there is more court postpone are date to one more month so now i'm confused if they have more time to respond or one time and no more chances or do I have to request it again please help. thanks
  7. I don't know if I did wrong but I mentioned to that person that they didn't repond to ccp96 Was I not supposed to say anything about it. ..
  8. Ok I got a phone conversation with them and they asked for money like Ryanex mentioned ..but they have not respond to ccp96 and it seem like they trying to play that they didn't get it certified mail I got the signed slip back by a staff member... well also he wanted to arrange payments etc.. so my question is they failed to respond to ccp96 what should be the next step please help.. thanks
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