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  1. @Clydesmom @BV80 Ok, thanks guys! I was just thinking I wanted to remove as many negatives as I can. Such a tedious process. If it doesn't effect my credit as much, then I should be fine. So far, the things that are unpaid are getting deleted pretty easily. Salllie mae and verizon are going to be my biggest feats. It's not past the SOL for them though yet (the accounts i asked about), so they must stay for now.
  2. Hi guys! My credit repair journey is going GREAT! However, the only things that came back verified so far are 2 old accounts that were paid years ago. One is through a collection agency when I was evicted. And one is from West Asset Management. An old Sprint account. They both say Paid As Agreed. I want them to come off. Do I just keep trying different reasons even though they say "Paid as agreed" or do I do a different method? I read about the 623 method and my boyfriend told me that a friend of his worked for the collection agencies. He said that if you send a dispute letter, being that i
  3. @tallguy I am new to this as well and have been sending out letters with 4 different accounts in each one at a time and it has been working very well for me. The first letter I sent to transunion, I got all 4 items deleted. I think 4 is safe without being flagged as frivolous. then I just wait 30 days and do it again. It has worked with all 3 credit bureaus so far and I have done it at least twice with 2 different bureaus. I haven't gotten all 4 deleted each time but I've gotten 6-8 items removed per bureau so far. And yes, with equifax for sure, send a utility bill and copy of your driver
  4. @Credator Ok then, we will definitely have to look into that. Sounds like it's going to be a lot of work but well worth it. He was considering just filing bankruptcy but I didn't think it was a good idea. Some have had good turnout from it, though.
  5. This is the worst. I did tell him, he is better than me. Because I would've reported her right after that foreclosure crap. But then again...easier said then done. I will definitely let him know. But it's not something he didn't already know. I was just hoping I could help in some way. Thank you guys!
  6. And thank you guys, by the way, for taking the time out to answer my questions.
  7. So what about just disputing as "not mine" like we do everything else? Would that not work in his case? Because he is going to get a P.O. box to protect his privacy. He will be moving in april, thankfully.
  8. Hi guys!! Ok, so I wanted to come on here and ask for you guys' advice for a friend of mine. Here's the HUGE problem.... He has a $300,000 foreclosure PLUS some credit cards on his account. The problem is..... the foreclosure is a house that his mother purchased when he was 18 and tricked him into cosigning for it because he had great credit. She basically told him that he was signing for the house in case anything happened to her... it would go to him without any issues. This is when he knew nothing about this type of stuff. He just signed the papers. He didn't find out until he was like 21
  9. Hi guys! So I am in the process of fixing my credit and sending dispute letters. My question is... in 2008 I had some accounts with Verizon Wireless. Three of them. One of them was opened in 2007. The balance owed is $79. It was closed in 2009. But it says date updated is 09/30/2013. Is this legal? Because I don't know what's causing it to be updated. I have not contacted Verizon about this account at all. The other 2 say the same thing. They were opened in 2009 and 2008. Closed 2010. Updated 09/30/2013. So I'm wondering if I can even dispute this because it was updated so recently and wh
  10. Hi guys! so...great news! I got 4 negative items deleted from my transunion credit report!! I'm so excited! I sent a letter to Experian as well with 3 items listed as "not mine" but they responded asking for my SSN, date of birth, utility bill, and address for the last 2 years. Aggravating! So i will have to resend all that information and try again. I haven't started with letters to equifax yet. Tried to get a free report from them but they won't send it. Tried twice. So I guess I will have to pay for it because I've already used up my free annual report. now I'm wondering... ju
  11. I got 4 negative items deleted off my transunion report!! Experian wrote me back and said I needed more information in the dispute letter like my social security number and a utility bill. So I'm sending them the same letter with the added info.
  12. Oooooh ok. I get what you're saying. Well, hopefully it doesn't go that far. And I actually did discover a couple of accounts that aren't mine. We will see what the more recent credit reports look like. I will start my letters when I get those this week. Thank you guys so much for the info!! This forum is a blessing! I will definitely be posting updates on my progress.
  13. Yeah, I think I like the idea of putting 3-4 items together per letter. Because I was reading in one of the topics that if you send several items in one letter, they could easily say that they "missed" one of the items in the letter. Announcing that 22 items are "not mine" might be a bit much. @willingtocope what are you referring to when you say "disputing something I may wind up in court over"?
  14. Hello all! Newbie here! Just beginning my credit repair journey. This is literally day 1. I have read most of the newbie posts and spent a lot of time reading some of the posts. However, I didn't see a clear answer to the letters subject. I have about 22-23 negative items on my credit reports from experian and transunion. I just requested credit reports from all 3 CRA'S yesterday because I recently got denied for credit and the 2 I have now are from June of this year. So I'm waiting on the recent ones to come in the mail. My question is, because I have so many negative items, what's the