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  1. I run a small service business in california I had a former customer return last week asking for credit on her account. I had told her she had no more credit. She was upset. She asked about purchasing more service for 2 weeks. I quoted on her and she got upset again. She asked me what she owes me for the 1 service session, and i told her $50. She says she will go get it. She leaves gets in her car, and instead drives off Today i receive a certified letter from herself with intent to sue me for $400. She doesn't state what the $400 is specifically for. She basically says i owe her because i changed the terms of our verbal agreement. The last time i seen this customer was 2 years ago. She disappeared, never asked for a leave of absence, never asked me to credit her account, never notified me she will be absent, never contacted me for 2 years. She basically quit. In my business, customers pay for a specific time and day for their service. I have a 24hr cancellation policy. If it gets abused consisting of constant cancellations, they will be charged a session, if they don't show, they will be charged a session. No notifications, they will be charged a session. She comes back 2 years later believing she should have credit. When a customer wants to take time off, i will authorize it if notified, and i will have them fill out a form. She doesn't have one. Never notified me. She just flat out quit She originally purchased 20 sessions for 800. Showed up for 2 and quit. She is a time waster and cost me money. I turned away potential customers because she failed to show up when someone else would of been there. This letter from her threatened to ruin my credit, threatened to get a judgement against me. I don't know if this is just a spoof scare tactic letter to get me to send her 400 or what Instead i had my attorney send her a letter today. Hopefully this turns her away What if she decides to move forward and sue?
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