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  1. I am pretty sure i am too late but i would like some advise on what to object against in my non-binding arbitration case coming up in a day. Cach LLC bought a BoA cc debt. The initial complaint showed an affidavit that they bought the account from BoA, the account number also happened to change, there was only a screen shot from what appears to be an account balance page, with my name and the new account number. There is no purchase agreement between BoA and Cach LLC showing the new account number. They just wrote in the complaint that the account number changed. I answered the complaints, followed the request for admissions and interrogatories examples i saw on this site. I received an arbitration memo from cach llc lawyers stating that i didn't dispute the facts that i merely stated that they needed to prove their case. At this point it looks like i am going to lose but I am looking for advise on general proceedings. I intend to object on the grounds that cach llc is collecting on two different accounts, providing a screenshot with my name and a different account number does not prove that both accounts are connected. Any advice will be appreciated.