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  1. 15. The bank account in question was closed 4 years a go and my current bank account is only 1 year old , the one statement they sent me with the complaint , does not show any payments by me . 17.No i am not sure in fact there is a good possibility i am not even though the complaint shows the plaintiff as capital one , however the attorneys are known debt collectors 18 . I produced 1 page of a credit report showing only the plaintiff's line " capital one "
  2. I do not see that the complaint mentions 'account stated, says Breach of credit card agreement, and they included a agreement from 2005, when in fact the account was opened in 1999
  3. They provided one statement, maybe was the last statement before write off, and the Account number they used on the complaint is the same as the credit report
  4. @skippy1960 @BV80 i found yesterday one old document about this credit card and i noticed that the account number which one they are referring to in the lawsuit is different to the one i have in my records . they refer to this number as " Account number " so i am not sure if they are maybe referring to credit card number which one i had not any record at all . so the account number is different to the statement to the one on the law suit and credit report .
  5. thank you @BV80 for look at my questions i filed and AFFIDAVIT IN OPPOSITION TO MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. I am the defendant in this action 2. I filed and Answer and affirmative Defenses on or about December xx , 2xxx 3. In my answer , I denied that i entered into the credit card agreement attached to the plaintiff's complaint and I hereby continue to deny and dispute the existence of such agreement . 4. I further deny and dispute that i have failed to perform the terms of such agre
  6. I been sue by Capital one bank , I got the request for productions , i have no idea how to answer any help will be appreciate thank you . 1. All DOCUMENTS containing proof of payments not properly credited to Defendant's CAPITAL ONE BANK ( USA ) , N.A credit card account with Plaintiff which is the subject matter of this lawsuit. 2. All copies of cancelled checks , money orders or other payments made to Plaintiff made by Defendant or someone on her behalf but nor properly credited to the Defendant's CAPITAL ONE BANK ( USA ) , N.A credit card which is the subject matter of this lawsuit .