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  1. Thank you. I'm preparing the order for dismissal and the order of judgment. I'm supposed to bring it in person in January for the OSC Dismissal hearing.
  2. Thank you. I will. I'm going to hire an consumer attorney for the next phase.
  3. Update- I won!!! Judgment in my favor! I want to give praise to God almighty Jesus Christ for delivering me from my enemies, firstly. I would also like to thank each and every member of this forum especially those who responded to my post and also everyone who has posted info. I lurked here several months looking for help. I believe that God blessed me with all of you and to find this forum to utilize the information here to fight the mighty battle I was facing. At one point I almost lost faith but with God I gained my faith back and the inspiring stories here helped keep me encouraged. I just want to thank you all again you have been such a blessing to me.
  4. Yes I'm hoping that the JDB Atty's careless attitude and the fact that he had no trial brief, no case citations, ccp or evidence codes and faulty evidence and fraudulent witnesses will be noticed by the judge. His closing argument was literally two sentences and he had a really bad attitude and was really mad when the judge didn't state the ruling right away.
  5. I'm going to contact the Secretary of State and let them handle it. I feel much better, it is in Gods hands now. I've done all I can on my end and I have peace with that. I know that whatever happens it will work for my good. I planned to go to law school and got distracted with "life". If anything this has helped me to get back on track with my goals.
  6. Also the company is only 2 years 6 months old so the assignments with 2007 and 2008 are a fraud that's why the dates don't match. Is there anyway for me to notify the judge or the court of this fraud?
  7. I did a people search and discovered that the VP holly Wagner is now Holly L. Cambric and that the alleged witness from cashcall is her husband A. C. Cambric. She has had several collection agencies in CA and in Arizona and the license for one in AZ was permanently revoked. Now I understand why he couldn't remember when he started working for CashCall...because he never has he works with his wife. What a bunch of crooks.
  8. Thank you I will take a break from stressing and will update the results when I have them
  9. The thing that is sad is I believe one of the witnesses lied about working for cashcall. He was dressed in the same shirt as the other witness who claims to work for the JDB. The attorney pretty much threw up his hands after my closing argument and case law etc. he just blurted out a two sentence closing and cocked his head to the side and threw up his hand. I heard him on the phone before trial he rushed in by himself 30 min prior checked in the. Left and called someone saying he only had 1 min to prepare the witness. Then he started rushing through his evidence trying to label it as an exhibit# which he did not do in response to ccp 96. I think although the judge was annoyed with both of us he was more so over the fact that the plaintiff did not prepare for trial and randomly labeled exhibits and had no trial brief or case law to offer. Is it normal for the judge to say we will receive notice on the ruling in the mail? Is that a bad sign? They asked for a judgement that is almost triple the amount in the complaint. The judge noted the charge off date. I try to patiently await notice. I feel so sick right now, I stumbled and almost fell when walking out of the court room, I thought I would pass out from the stress of all of it.
  10. Had trial today. Judge said he will mail the notice. They had some man there who they allege is a employee of the alleged OC he don't not work there at the time of the alleged contract and was unable to tell the judge how long he has worked there. The judge kept overnight to all of my objections and kept telling me to move on. So I hade to ready the summary points from my trial brief to point out the inaccuracies in their evidence. The witnesses seemed confounded when. I asked about the inaccuracies in the dates and the alleged oC witness lied and said the agreements print out with instructions for lawsuit. The plaintiff asked if I have a memory problem because I said I don't recall and can't admit to the evidence because I lack sufficient evidence to state a claim etc. the judge seemed to be annoyed that I wouldn't admit to the alleged debt. I said I don't have a memory problem but I can't recall a agreement from so many years ago. I called a witness to testify to the theft of my DL, SSN card and checks. They testified that the poice came out but didn't know the exact date just that is was in 2004 or 2005. The judge seemed to be annoyed that I showed up or something and kept overruling my objections even though they were based on law. I had a trial brief. The plaintiff had no trial brief. He had no evidence codes, no case law cited nothing but a bunch of bills of sale and witness's that got caught in lies. I don't know what will happen. I'm afraid the judge could be pro junk debt buyer he seemed to be so angry with me from the moment I denied the complaint. The actual JDB Attorney showed up. The judge asked them for the charge off date and they didn't even know the judge had to tell them. I don't recognize any of the evidence they submitted or engaging in the alleged transaction
  11. Yes it is. I just have to attack the fake agreement that has the SOL waiver in it.