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  1. Wouldn't they still have to prove that they bought that account from the OC?
  2. I have a question. In 2009 I had a judgment against me from the original creditor. Since then apparently they have sold the account to a JDB. Does the JDB have to get a different judgment, or can they garnish my wages on the judgment the original creditor has?
  3. I wish they did have to pay that lady $83 million for all the millions of people that didn't fight them back!
  4. I have an affidavit signed by her. I will send it later today.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I spoke with the court reporter and she stated that I am in the wait until discovery portion is over. Once that concludes she will put me on the calendar. So I guess I should just prepare my discovery and play it out in the court room. At least I know a lot more this go round that the last. I will just let it play out as long as it takes in court and fight everything they try.
  6. @WhoCares1000 the statute of limitations ran out a month after they filed it on this one so if I do get a dismissal I won't have to worry about any more law suits. They filed this lawsuit about 1 month before the SOL ran out.
  7. You are correct @WhoCares1000 it is a separate debt. The previous debt was dismissed without prejudice, but has since passed the statute of limitations so if they do re file it, I can just answer that it has passed the statute of limitations and it will be case closed. I agree it is the same and since I did extensive research last time I have all the information I need to go round two with them. I was just hoping that I wouldn't have to go an entire year and a half again.
  8. I recently won against Midland Funding (Greene&Cooper), and in December they filed another law suit for a lower amount...800 vs 3500 for the one I won. Can I send a letter to them and ask them to dismiss it based on the fact that I beat them once and it would be a waste of money for them to attempt it again for a lesser amount? Or do I have to wait this next year and a half out til I go to court again?
  9. The lawyer that showed up to court was no new law school graduate. He was an older man in his 70s probably. He just was clueless as to why he was there. They paid him and he showed up...They lose money again.
  10. I will most certainly hang around and help in any way I can. I hate these bottom feeders and wish more people would fight back.
  11. Fortunately I believe our Judge here is very fair, she is an actual lawyer. Before court even started she stated to the lawyer that I had shown up quite a few times in which the other side didn't. The lawyer that showed up to court wasn't prepared and kept asking the same questions over and over. That is why my answer was the same over and over. When he would ask me questions that I could answer I did answer them, just the majority were did you purchase so and so on so and so date. Well how the hell am I supposed to remember if I purchased gasoline on April 14, 2006. Sorry but that was a long time ago and I don't recall whether I made such purchase with said credit card that I don't recall having at all. He just went from one statement to another statement asking about charges and credits on each statement.
  12. I beat Midland (Greene & Cooper) in bench trial today. The lawyer came unprepared for bench trial..he thought he was there for summary judgement. He asked the judge a few times for a few minutes to review the files. He called me to take the stand. and proceeded to ask me questions about purchases in the statments that he had. I answered not that I recall to every question he asked. In the end he asked to have the case dismissed without prejudice. I am not concerned as the sol has since passed and they cannot file on this account again. I was prepared to object to every piece of evidence they had in the claim and in discovery. This case has been long and alot of work. Thank goodness it is finally over! Thank you everyone that has answered questions, posted helpful information and helped me to win this case, I appreciate this site more than I can say. I am doing a happy dance!!!!
  13. Will you post a new link to this again. This link in post #5 doesn't work anymore and I would really like to read it. @debtzapper
  14. Hi I have state court on March 30, 2015. I am trying to get my arguments and opening statement ready. I was taking a closer look at all of the paperwork the jdb has sent me and there are two affidavits from them. One is dated 9/6/2013 and the other one is dated 5/14/2014 they are both for the jdb. One was submitted with original filing and on was submitted with request for summary judgment. Can they use two different affidavits? Wouldn't the second one be created just for court? How should I argue this in court?
  15.    Can I send a second set of admits, if I have already sent one set of interogs, admits, and request for documents? They didnt answer all of them previously, because there were to many.