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  1. I called them and it turns out he is not an Attorney and said he only works for the attorneys office. I swear he told me different on the phone the other day or at least hinted as hard as he could that it was the case. I am going to send them a SOL letter and hope this takes care of it. I asked him for written validation again and he just asked me yet again if the address from 2005 was current or not I told him not and that he would have my address in writing within the week. They do have my email and I agreed to be contacted that way so he could have sent me the information there. Once I said I was disputing it he confirmed I was disputing and then said "have a nice day" and hung up. The address he gave me doesn't seem to be correct. I cannot find anything about any howard and associates at 5 park place irvine, ca. There is a 5 park plaza there but that isn't what he said. Even if he meant that he would still have to give me his suite number which he did not. He was pretty condescending on the phone too. I mis-spoke a few times by saying I talked to him yesterday instead of Friday and every time he would say "Yesterday was Sunday" in a really childish way. Wonderful people. Edit: Looking online I found this http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-949-864-6879 http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-949-381-1650 which makes me wonder if it is indeed a scam how does he have ALL of my personal information including full social security number. That is not the number they called me from but they did call out of California from 949-529-1406 which I can't find anything on. My buddy called from a blocked number and was sent to some digital voice mail that had no identifying information just "this person is not available".
  2. I called US bank and they said the account was opened in Illinois on March 14th 2005 and closed on March 31st 2005 which seems kind of fast to me. Illinois SOL is 10 years written and 5 years open so I am still trying to figure out what type of debt it is considered. Also Since I reside in another state now(Nevada) I know it can complicate things if they decided to sue. One thing I didn't mention is when he called he would say at some points he needed to contact his client and then would be gone for ~2 minutes and come back with an answer. That itself seemed really strange as it seems like it would be difficult to explain everything to a client that fast and get a response. Also he didn't just threaten legal action he used the words "you are being sued" when I started asking him questions and saying I just wanted to make sure the debt was legitimate and not a scam. I am going to call today and ask for his information. He did give me a lawfirm name of "Howard & associates" on the phone the other day but there are about a billion of those around and I couldn't find any with anyone with his name listed(he only gave his first name).
  3. Okay so I have an overdue account from 2005 with US Bank(opened in either Wisconsin or Illinois, calling tomorrow to figure it out) and the other day I got a call from an Attorney threatening legal action if I didn't pay right then. They had all of my info down to my full social security number so it seems to be legit. I did call US bank and verify it as legitimate just to be sure since that was my only option with the Attorney not willing to give me anything. They refused to give me anything in writing about the debt unless I agreed to pay first and paid that day. They stated it is past the point of giving me anything in writing because they had recently sent letters to my address from 2005, apparently they made no effort to actually see if I lived there or not. He gave me a name of the debt collector who hired him but google brings up nothing for the name "coast credit receivables". Google also shows nothing for the number I called back to talk to the Attorney at. My questions are:(again just for clarity the original account was opened in either Wisconsin or Illinois I still have to find out which) If this Attorney is calling asking me to pay my debt, isn't he considered a debt collector by law? The fair debt collection practices act(FDCPA) laws should apply to him correct? He should have to send me some type of verification of the debt or something if I ask? If I ask for the debt collectors address or his address in order to send them mail do they have to give it to me(from my understanding, they do)? What type of debt is a negative bank account considered? I have reasoned it down to either "written" or "open". Obviously I signed papers to get the bank account but the papers would not be specific to a certain amount of debt which would be considered written right? I am assuming it is open debt because in order for it to go negative they had to essentially extend me a line of credit similar to a credit card. I would love for some input on this specifically because if it is open then the statutes of limitations would kick in and he would be violating FDCPA by threatening legal action when none can be taken. He stated the amount of the original debt was $700 but when I called US bank they said when they sold the debt it was only $225. He offered to take $353 right then and there and not a day later. He also wanted to send me an email or fax with a paper to sign and include my payment information. They wont take payment over the phone. It seems REALLY sketchy but he did have all my info and I was able to validate the debt other than the amount they are saying I owe.
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