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  1. hello! My wife and i have been trying for a home loan for the past few years, we our eligible for the VA. Every year we work closer and closer on obtaining the loan, but we have collection accounts that keep haunting us. the accounts are almost 5 year old and i believe the SOL in florida is 5 years. My question would it be a better decision to start knocking down the collections or wait it out since we waited this long already? i had a couple of them get charged off and i receive a 1099-C last year. i heard horror stories about trying to get collection removed of your credit report and i not going as planned. i just want to know what you guys recommend before i start trying to settle this debt. thanks so much!
  2. Just wanted to say thank you for all the help that this forum has been. im readay to get the ball rolling on repairing my credit history. im going by the where to start thread for newbies. but i have a few questions if yall dont mind. a little history; me and my wife stop paying are cc early 2011 we opened a small business and made the choice to so we can still take care of our family. so months went by then years. charge offs, JDB calls here and there you know the drills. the time has come to own up and start fresh again. we started the process of bankruptcy but hesitated. were currenlty trying to buy a house and our past action are starting to haunt us.were ready to try to repair what we have but have no idea where to start. My activity with lawyers and JDB; Portfolio recovery associates took me to court trying to collect a debt. i stated i do not owe them a petty and prove me that i do. no bill of sale no evidence. i recieved a letter in the mail saying that the case was dismissed with without prejudice. I'm currently being sued by cap1 and have another trial set for august. i guess the main question i have is once i go through my credit reports from the big three i want to make sure i handle each collector, lender, etc the right way. i noticed a lot of the accounts are portfolio recovery accounts maybe 3 to 4. would the best solution be to fight? how would i start this. I've only did it in the pass because they initialized the process. From there would i contact the other account holders set up payments or dispute what i can? i want to try to clear as much off my credit i can. i know the mistakes i have made and want to correct it. any recommendation for reading or links would be greatly appreciated! I Just want to make the right choices and not make any matter worse then the are.
  3. just an update. just looked over my credit report. and the capitol one account i did have was charged of and closed in 2013. fir the same amount could this mean that its a JDB using capitol ones name?
  4. tha thank you! i live in tampa so jacksonville is a bit far for me.lol. could you or anybody recommend what i can do personally? is it worth fighting?
  5. it was 2011 i live in florida as well if that helps.
  6. Ive been reading into this a for a little while. I read that it is possible that this could be a JDB using capitol one's name on the documents. like i said before the most recent document i received was a order granting plaintiffs motion to amend complaint. i have a hiring set for the 25th of august. i also received a notice of confidential information within court filing. a few weeks ago.. im not to sure what this means. im thinking i should get representationinn this matter or if i can do it on my own. i hope im making since please advice would be greatly appreciated. if you need any more info please let me know.
  7. hello! . i have a court date is set for late august for a motion for summary final judgment. cap one suing me for unresolved account with. i received another letter asking the judge grant a motion to amend complaint today. im a bit lost and do not know where to start. i plan on showing up for the date. the letter said the allot 5mins for the case i think that cap ones lawyers will be contact VIA telephone. where should i start? the complaint is for breach of contract. should i waste my time going to court? or just call to negotiate a payment plan? i do not want a judgement set against me. any advice would be greatly appreciated. i hope im making since.
  8. @Spikey thank you i will take fill it out the best i can! and i will post them up to make sure i have done it correctly!
  9. thank you @Spikey. im sorry for my many questions.as im being very careful what to do and say to make sure im doing what correct. would the next from of action is to contact there lawyer and respond and answer the question in the discovery docs?
  10. hello again! im starting a new thread for a new case...sigh.. My wife and I was previously filling bankruptcy withing the the last year. we had a bankruptcy attorney handling our case and any docs we had. during the filling i got summons from capitol one for a pretrial. went and denied charges. left it at that. we decided to drop bankruptcy we just didnt think that was the best for us..9 months later. my attorney forward me a emailed from capitol one lawyers asking for a discovery on interrogatories, request for reproduction and admissions. i have been trying to get in contact with my lawyer and to set up a meeting to see what i should do in this mater. i have not heard back from them for a few days and multiple phone calls and email i decide to see what i can do on my own for now if need, i can provide any information regarding these documents i had sent. the letter stated that if there is no response withing 10 days that they will proceed to litigate the suit towards a judgment. it has been 6 days since i received this letter and still no contact from my lawyer. it a bit stressful to go through two of these cases at the same time. thank you again for any help.
  11. did i mention you guys rock yet! thank again i will keep you updated asap!
  12. @shellieh98 many thanks. would you suggest also sending a Interrogatories letter as well? im slowly learning more and more. just need to find a place to start and these forums are the gold mine!
  13. thank you @bv80 ive been searching the forums and looking up the information to file a discovery. is there a link for a template could use for this? i search and i cant seem to find anything. maybe im just searching wrong. im also reading up the rights to discovery in florida. not to long ago i recieved interrogatories,request for production and request for admission from Capitol one. for another case i was dealing with. so would this mean that florida laws allow discovery?
  14. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/322114-pretrailmediation-notice-from-portfolio-recovery-associates-updates/ thank you
  15. Thank you again! I'm a bit over whelmed and would like know where to start. I searched the forums for how to file a discovery. Would be at my local court house? I'm ready to fight this! And I'm getting a more more confident withing my myself. Is there a link on the forums on any steps that would best suit why I would need to do? I'm sorry for the many questions. just wanted to make sure I take the correct steps Necessary.
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