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  1. I am going through a weird situation like bonedaddy in the past (last year) I have the attorney representing Amex Centurion Bank but there was a JDB in the middle... I even have a letter from them. Like they usd the JDB for a while than they hired the attorney to file suit against me... Anyway, I had my first pre hearing conference call and now the arb is expecting me to be more specific with the discovery ( to put together a brief or summary) as I was only able to state that I want full arbitration with all witness in person and provision of all phone records regarding the alleged acc of ev
  2. If Linda is helping u, you are all set. she is the best. Did you already look at her post Strategies for arbitration or something like that, it was extremely helpful and made everything so clear. just search in forum
  3. After the attorney is allowed to speak for the first time ( in the beginning after introductions) What do I start with? Make The Applicable laws clear, reserve rights to an appeal and reject JAMS Optional procedure,I agree w/ arb agreement appeal procedure ( all this mentioned already in amended complaint) OR Straight with what I am requesting per quoted rules (in person hearing, discovery: for a subpoena to be issued by Mr. Arbitrator (is that correct- I thought I have to submit one- for all the phone and cell phone calls w/ regards to the alleged account and in person depositions - is that
  4. Where did u quote the above regarding records? What are forward flow agreements? "If they have supplied affidavits, you also want the contact information for subpoena purposes for any and all affiants." what do u mean by this one?
  5. guys, I am going crazy.... . Junk Debt Buyer, I know . No I did not mean that Amex is the JDB..... I am taking notes left and right Ok, so the main thing is also to quote as much as I can. How will the call go, anybody have the experience of going through one and remember???.... Thank you in advance.
  7. OK, I am back! I filled my amended complaint with a lot of help from everywhere . The pre hearing call is next week and I am preparing myself for it. Anybody have any tips for the pre hearing conference call? I have on my list of requests: hearing for 2 days with all witnesses in person, 2.discovery or exchange of info, 3.object if the attorney is asking for their fees to be paid; 4. hearing date not to be set until discovery is fully completed; 5. ask for a written statement of the award; Any tips any body might have regarding this conference call would be very appreciated. T
  8. aLL DONE, BUT MY COMPLAINT IS AWFUL, so I requested to file an amended complaint.
  9. mY TIME LIMIT IS TOMORROW FOR THE STRIKE LIST AND COMPLAINT. I am desperate regarding the complaint, as I am getting good advices from everywhere but the format of it just kills me....Anybody has a short format I could use? Please , I am begging you.... I am trying to stay calm and just learn my lesson from now on. I should've done it earlier....
  10. I have a template that is extremely detailed( I wonder how am I going to remember all those calls and conversations...). I was advised on another forum to just write a civil complaint mentioning the type of violations and detail them later on.
  11. Lawyer said they have no conflicts so no strike list at the moment. Ok, I am a little confused after reading Rule 7 - Notice of Claims ( I can't copy and paste, it drives me crazy!!!!) By the time I submit the strike list I have to submit the COMPLAINT also? or I thought it has to be done in seven days after the arbitrator is chosen... I read the streamlined rules as they are the ones that were attached to my case commencement letter, Now regarding the COMPLAINT ... I feel stupid but I can't start this
  12. Ok, So I received the Commencement of Consumer Arbitration - notice to all parties. I have a list of available arbitrators, we are asked to agree on an arbitrator or if we do not agree I have to send a list with two names then rank the rest in the order of preference. I have 7 days to return the strike list. My question is how do we agree on an arbitrator? we do not communicate. Am I supposed to email the lawyer asking if he agrees with my choice or get the case manager involved which will draw a higher bill? Please help
  13. And that is what they did! it's on now I guess. They paid. My "ace", I guess in the very end will be the bankruptcy, but until then I will fight!!!
  14. The 30 days are coming up, how can I find out. I think the lawyer called me today but no voicemail. After my calculations it would be by the end of this week. Can I call JAMS? Nothing in the mail or email from any of them....
  15. THANK YOU, IHEART. Also JAMS sent a letter to lawyer that they have 30 days to pay first 550 fee if not they will close the case. If they pay, I have to file the complaint letter, right?