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  1. Thank you lheart... I sent you an email a couple days ago I hope you got it. Thanks again and again!!!
  2. Hello, I would like to give an update in my case: I LOST every motion I put in: Motion for more definite statement (denied), Compel arbitration (denied) The only small victory in my case was when I asked for 30 days for discovery, the plaintiff asked for 14 days. The judge agreed with me and gave me 30 days. TWO days before trail the Plaintiff dismissed without prejudice. I dont know why they got to the end and dismissed? I am convinced they could have came with a made up contract signed by Mr. Cracker Jack himself and written on Cracker jack paper and the judge would have said looks ok, judgement for the plaintiff. (sorry just being honest) they could care less about Pro se in my experience. Anyway for those of you fighting keep fighting till the end. I almost gave up and asked for a settlement but was convinced by someone on here to keep fighting.... best ADVICE ever!!!!!! Thanks for everyone who contributed and replied to all my MANY and MANY of questions!!! Thanks a million!!!!
  3. Thanks lheart.... Can I file some type of rebuttal to their reply or should I wait until we have a hearing on the motion?
  4. They replied to my motion to compel arbitration and said that I was not bringing the motion in good faith because I attached a current agreement that did not apply to my account because I was in default before the agreement I attached. They said it is too expensive for them and want me to pay the $975 to go to arbitration. Anyone know how I should respond. They never did say anything about what the contract states that they have. I dont even believe they have a copy of the contract, because I didnt, I just printed a current one off internet. I tried to add attachment's but they may be too small, please let me know if you cant read them.Thanks in advance to any replys   
  5. OK, thank you very much for this information. My hearing is soon, I will let you know how it turns out for me... Thanks : )
  6. BTO429 I have know ideal why the judge denied the motion.. I got advice from here and I actually thought it was well written. The judge said "I read your motion even though it was not complete" then she read me the riot act.. She went on an on about how I need to read the rules of civil procedure, the rules of evidence etc etc.. She was yelling and really mad and said she advises me strongly to get a lawyer, then she ask me did I have anything to say and of course I said NO (I was almost in tears at this point an if I would have said anything I would have broke down crying) then she asked the plaintiff did they have anything and he said they rest too. I do appreciate what you are saying about asking them to give a reason for denying my motion but this gal has no back bone to face this judge ever again... I don't even understand why she was being so mean! Thanks again for letting me know what other options I have I really do appreciate it. And also thanks Iheart for also giving your opinion.
  7. OK thank you NO AFFIDAVITS with anything I am filing this time around... this really makes everything just a little easier for me. I was reading the steps and strats to arbitration and I am pretty sure they had said include affidavits with your exhibits. anyway I will bypass that step and do as you said. Thanks a ton for your info
  8. Ok, sorry can you clarify this for me. Do I need an Affidavit to go with my Answer to a summons?
  9. Thanks, my local UPS store has notary services... cant wait to see that cost lol
  10. My Answer had a affidavit with it that I was going to have notarized but if you say it doesnt need it then I wont. My Motion to compel binding arbitration had a notary page My Exhibit "B" (copy of cardholder agreement had a notary page)
  11. Oh wait one more question: where do you usually get all these forms notarized? Do banks do them with no problems or is it better to go to courthouse to see if they have notary?
  12. Ok, spending all day on computer typing my "stuff" up for some reason I cant copy and paste ugggghhh Anyway couple of questions: Typed my answer with cert of service, Do I need a verification by affidavit with my answer?? Typed my motion to compel arbitration with cert of service and verification of affidavit With my Exhibit A (copy of letter requesting arbitration) cert of service and verification of affidavit Exhibit B (copy of cardholder agreement) cert of service and verification of affidavit Working on sending discover and interrog's back stating I object due to arbitration has been elected and motion on arb pending. Does all that seem correct so far? Only thing I have to do now is attach judges orders if my request for arb is granted, but I will work on that later tonight, Im beat! lol Thanks in ADVANCE to whoever answers, I just cant type another thing right now lol
  13. Does anybody know if you can file Motion to compel arbitration in lieu of an answer in OHIO. Or should I file MTC and the answer together?? (yupp I am going the arbitration route.) Thanks in advance
  14. Lost my motion for more definite statement and Judge gave me 28 days to answer but portfolio has sent me discovery questions and interr questions. My question is should I answer the summons or portfolio first? Or both at same time?
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