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  1. Ok well I was working alot and missed the deadline for a Meet & Confer. Had my first court date. It went vary quickly. H&H's lawyer tried to push for settlement which I declined so they had a trial date pushed to August. He asked the judge that he would like to talk to me privately after the hearing which once again I proudly declined. I thought the lawyers head was gonna fall off, he was like "umm uhh well thats fine" I could tell he was pissed. Any way where do I go from here. I received another settlement offer in the mail today which there is no way I can afford. If they win this j
  2. Well they sent me the BOP.. Kind of . 7 months worth of statements and I guess a bill that shows what I supposedly owed on the account but not what they paid for it.
  3. Thanks for all the help. I think with what I've done so far there starting to scramble . I received a letter yesterday telling me PRA,LLC has authorized them to settle for $2,819.01 . The way I see it there trying to get me to admit the debt because they have little to nothing on me. By doing so my General Denial would be useless. Any way 2 G's off sounds nice and all but I live check to check and theres no way I could come up With almost 3 thousand in 20 days so im gonna continue to push forward and hope I can get them to fold..
  4. Just got the return receipt for the BOP. Dose there 10+5 days start today or on 11/22 when they received it?
  5. My mistake it was 10\21 not the 23rd so I think that makes Wednesday 30 days. I will get the BOP out on Monday and as long as I get my answer filed by Wednesday I will be within the deadline. Do I need to send the BOP with the POS-030 and also have copies of those filed when I file my answer ?
  6. I will not have time to send the bop than file. I have procrastinated for too long I just want to take it step by step so I don't overwhelm my self and make a mistake.
  7. Need a little help. I've done a lot of reading and searching on this forum and found a lot of helpful information just need some clarification and want to make sure I do everything properly. I was served at my home on 10/23/13 by Hunt & Henriques. I plan on filling my answer with the court on 11/18/13. The complaint is not verified so Im gonna use the General Denial forum (would this be the correct forum to use? And do I need to fill out line 2?) After I file I need to send H&H one of the copies via cmrrr . Do I also send it with POS