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  1. The letter is trying to bait me by offering to take $100 now to give me more time to pay, but I know that will only reset the SOL and 7 year rule. Tricky!
  2. I have an old (> 5 years) charged off credit card account that credit bureaus say will fall of my history in less than a year. The last payment date is also several years beyond my state's statute of limitations. Suddenly a collection agency is mailing me about it. How should I handle this? Ignore them? Normally I would send validation letter but in this care with it being so close to falling off and past SOL I'm not sure what to do.
  3. Thanks for the help, everyone. I will update this thread on Monday!
  4. Ok, I'll do this. Also, I'm assuming calling the CA would be a bad move, right?
  5. The amount due and account number match. It's the correct debt. If I hadn't paid it would be a valid collections letter.
  6. Should I use this one on this site? http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter9.shtml It seems over the top to a lay person like me, but I'm not familiar with legal stuff...haha.
  7. Hospital called me and said I needed to pay bill by end of day or it would go to collections. Gave them by credit card, got the confirmation #, payment showed up online and balance on account was $0.00. Now I'm getting a collections agency letter for the account and the amount I owed. Confirmed with hospital that account is zero and paid in full, but the subcontractors that do billing screwed something up and still sent to CA. They can't figure out what to do about it. Should I send a dispute letter to the CA with the payment confirmation information and statement from the hospital?